How do you work out the size of your tumour if you have more than one?

I was told one of my tumours is about 2 cm and I think the other one is a similar size. Does this mean the combined size of the tumour is 4 cm and if so what does this mean for a prognosis of likelihood of spread, and urgency of removal? Advice please if you have any experience that may get me out of ignorance. Funnily enough being a seagull all I can think of is my nest full of eggs which have grown into my very hungry and enormous brown and white chicks. They have now grown and are walking the streets of Hastings waiting to be killed by a cat or a cross bow

Hi Seagulls, I thought you might be from Brighton with that name

Just to say I was told mine was a similar size in total, not 1 lump of 4cm. It was larger than originally sized which did change the plan but I would imagine only your consultants can advise on the options. I saw an interesting post on Liz ORiordan’s Instagram page which describes how it also depends on the size of the breast as to which option is best ( I came across a recommendation of her page on here and it’s really helpful, she’s a great cancer surgeon who has had BC twice).

Also, I read online and my nurse confirmed that it tends to grow very slowly so try not to worry about size/spread. Easier said than done as the waiting game for results/ information is a real struggle. 

I think it might be best to give your nurse a call to ask about your worries.

All the best x