How does radiotherapy make you feel?? ok to drive ??

i am due to start radiotherapy in july ( just in time for the kids school hols!!)
and i was wondering how it makes you feel, can you drive back from appoints ? i will have a 40 minute or so drive each way, anyone had rads at Cheltenham??

Regards Sarah66

Hi Sarah

You should be fine driving. I drove myself to the hospital which was an hour each way. The two main problems with radiotherapy is sore skin which can be helped by applying aqueous cream like E45 during treatment and tiredness. The tiredness is accumulative so at the beginning you wont feel much. I found I was OK first thing and able to do everything I would normally, but then by lunchtime, I would have run out of steam and need to sleep. So you just have to be careful and make sure you get rest.


I would agree with what Cathy says - the 1st couple of weeks of mine were a doddle, no skin problems not major tiredness. By end of week 5 I was tending to have a short nap when I got back from my rads session each day.

I sailed through all five weeks so you may be as lucky as me! But I made the mistake of sitting in the sun with a low necked top on a couple of monts later and came out in big red blotches!..Good luck!


I drive for a living and drove to my radio and then continued with my daily drive of approx 150 miles a day for my job !! But three weeks after i felt the tireness kick in and each day about 3pm i need to have a little power nap in my car before i can get on with the job in hand lol

good luck xx