How does your breast scar heal? (11 days post surgery)

Hello dear all,

I had a mastectomy, axillary clearance and DIEP reconstruction 11 days ago and I am healing very well, I was told. Only on the breast scar (from where the nipple used to be straight down) the wound is not properly closed yet and a little bit of puss coming out in places. I was told this is normal as well, as long as the skin looks nice and pink. Any normal wound I would try to have out in the open air a lot, so that it can heal and dry, but obviously I have to wear a bra all the time and the nurse showed me how to put plaster strips on the scar, which is hard enough to do myself, because I can´t really see all of the scar along the lower part of the breast. (…and I am still not confident enough with it to lift it high enough to have a proper look at the far end…)


How long did it take your wound on the breast to heal under these conditions? And how do you properly clean and dry it when changing the plaster strips? (I forgot to ask the nurse, I am just using a microbacterial wash to gently wipe it and then kind of ventilate the area it until it feels dry on the edges)


Thanks a lot for any advice, have a good night…

I shower myself,after removing dressings,then apply using Inadine and sterile gauze.You are very early days,I am still dressing one are after 5 weeks post DIEP.It is healing,albeit slowly.I just can not wait to removed bra,liked you,just want some air round you! I assume you are still seeing the nurses at the hospital and they can advice.