How fast does Grade 3 spread?

i am wondering if anyone knows how fast a grade 3 cancer is likely to spread in the space of 3 weeks which is when the operation is due. is it a negligible delay in terms of moving to a different stage? I am not the patient I am family so am not very well informed. 


Hi Tubs it could have been there for a while. In 3 weeks it will not really grow much at all. I waited 5 weeks from diagnosis to mx and mine hardly grew and I am her2+ .


I am family too and not the patient. My mum was grade 3 and in lymph nodes a ready and I panicked about this. With the lack of urgency for them to perform the ops, and it seems to be a few weeks for most people, I assume the risk is low otherwise you’d think they’d move faster like they do with other cancers. I was always aware that there must be a point at which stray cells may begin to escape though - that’s what the chemo helps with. However it must be in v few cases that the delay is detrimental?

Take a second opinion and see if they recommend a more urgent treatment plan.


I was grade 3 stage 1 and I was advised to start chemotherapy as soon as possible after I arrange for my fertility plan, but I slacked a bit in denial and by the time I started and managed all my life’s issues it was a month later, and it hadn’t grown any bigger I remember my doctor observing in my ultrasound.

Thanks for your replies. It was nice to hear that it is unlikely to grow much. I hope you are all doing well now.