how long after appointment did you have your op?

How long after your initial appointment with your surgeon did you have your reconstructive surgery?


I had mine immediately…diagnosed sept 23rd, extensive WLE,SNB and then reduction and uplift of ‘good’ side all in one go on November 28th.

edit…I think i was confused here!!
I was diagnosed on 28th Sept, and had to go back one week later, for 100% confirmation of diagnosis. I saw two different consultants at each of those appointments and didn’t want the mastectomy they both told me i would have to have.A week later, I met the surgoen who suggested I could have an extensive WLE, and an op to reduce and lift my other boob.But, I then had to wait until November 28th because his list was very long, as he is much in demand.I was happy to wait, as i wanted to have everything done in one go, though I do have to go back now for lymph clearance and a new nipple (if i decide i want a nipple).

It was nearly 8 weeks before I had my op which I think is a pretty long time. I am not sure what is the NHS procedure about the waiting time. Whether because I had an immediate reconstruction operation which took a while to organise the team of surgeons together.

I discovered my breast problem on 12 June 2008 and went to have it checked. I had my mastectomy & immediate recon surgery finally booked on 08 October 2008 after a long wait since 14 August when the consultant was able to produce a conclusive test result. I spent July going through various tests; a mammogram, ultra sound scan, MRI, core and wire guided biopsy. Biopsy result takes two weeks!!

Depends on what type of OP and circumstances, in my case I had to have immed emergency mast, immed recon or pre chemo were not options my BC would consider. this was Dec 05.

Due to my results I needed 8 x chemos, 25 rads and 1 year herceptin. I was officially referred to the PS on my 1 year check up Jan 07. It then took until around May for initial appt, I immed rang his sec for operation to be booked and was given a date of October, this got canx 2 weeks before date and I finally had my op December 07 near enough on my 2 year anniv. (he is popular with longest waiting list) he also refuses to operate until 1 year clear of rads.

It also depends on what op you have and the hospital, mine took place at the big county hospital, theatre time is tightly scheduled - some recons take longer than others, I had tram flap which is an all day job, it takes more planning and has more chance of being canx as classed as non urgent if they have patients with cancer or the need to push in more ops to cover the waiting list targets. my PS also looks after skin cancer clinic so again this is why mine seemed to take longer than others.


Hi Maccy,

I had to wait 7 months after my initial consulation with the plastic surgeon, it seemed like an age, I was told at my first meeting it would be approx 6 months wait, it was very hard waiting, looking out for the post man every day and then when the letter did arrive, I spent the next three weeks (they gave me three weeks notice about the op) worried it would be cancelled for whatever reason (totally paranoid). Now I feel great and am so glad I had it done.

Good luck

ie to dress had masectomy in dec. 2005 had my chemo went in 2007 about recontruction was told i had to lose a stone as i had chose to have a free tram flap + would be in theatre about 10 hours.i was very upset as no one had said anything about my weight i’d put on about 3stone with the treatment then on tamoxifen. i went away waited a year lost the stone + more got fit . went back to them in feb 2008 then had my op in march got my new boob + a flat stomach all went well no pain as such a bit about size 10p took time to heal went back to work after 3 months . in oct had a reduction + uplift of the other breast back to work after a month but begining of dec. got an abcess that burst was in hosp. 8 days went home week later had to go back in for op now had an cyst in over night out xmas eve now having nurse to dress it hoping to be back at work in a month. but even with all of this it was worth it and I was surprised that there was no pain just a little discomfort.