How long after surgery should I wear a night time bra?

I had a wide local excision with therapeutic mammoplasty last Monday. At my pre-op appointment my breast cancer nurse said I should wear a supportive bra all the time. I can’t remember how long I am supposed to continue to wear it at night. All the advice I’ve found is for people who have had implants of some kind which I haven’t had.


You could maybe ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section of the forum Ask our Nurses your questions

As already mentioned check with your breast care nurse.

I had wide local excision/lumpectomy on both breasts 5 weeks ago. I still wear mine 24/7 but am bigger breasted. Only this week did I go to M&S for post surgery bra check. Had Wild Blooms Total support no U.K. wired allowed. I had been told to wear bra for at least 4 weeks but at my post op check I was told to wear as long as I felt I needed. Support from a soft tshirt bra helps to support the breast and so no tension on the scar and healing tissue. I am still tender in both breasts so feel I needed. I

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I wore my post surgical bra day and night for 6 weeks as per BC nurses advice. I bought 3 from Macom. Quite expensive but they did send me a discount code when I asked them. Made for quite a lot of washing :joy:. I did also buy some of the flexi fit crop tops from M & S but I didn’t feel personally that they gave me enough support especially in first few weeks. I had a mastectomy with a reconstructive procedure called Goldilocks and breast reduction on other side x

Yes, I did think about posting there. I always find posting in the nurses section a little annoying as you have to post a new question each time rather than keeping everything in one thread. I know I am being weird about such a small thing

People who mentioned phoning my bcn are right - that is what I should do. I know I am being weirdly pig headed about things - but can’t stop myself doing it. My bcn reassured me several times that she always called “her ladies” three or four days after surgery to see how they are getting on. So I planned to ask her this question when she called. However it is now day 14 and she still hasn’t made contact. So I feel let down by her and not sure I actually want to speak to her.

Why don’t you ring the nurses on BCN helpline ? 0808 800 6000

I phoned the nurses at the hospital where I am having treatment. I was advised to wear a bra at night for at least two weeks, but longer if I still felt I needed the support.

I think I will carry on wearing a bra, partly because my nipple is super sensitive and the bra dulls the sensation of my nightie brushing over it

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