How long after Zoladex is improvement noticed?

After 2 years on Zoladex monthly injections and Tamoxifen I have now finished with the Zoladex and am on Tamoxifen for a further 3 years.

Has anyone else finished Zoladex and is still taking Tamoxifen and if so how long after ending the Zoladex did you notice an improvement with the sweats (if any improvement at all)?

I am 47 and was having regular periods before starting both of the above and my surgeon told me last week that it could take 7 months for my periods to return if they do at all and that I should notice a difference with the sweats as well.

I read on here probably over a year ago someone saying they had a big improvement after ending the Zoladex (but still taking Tamoxifen) but I have done a search and can’t find anything


Hi Anne

When I had my 1st dx I was prescribed Zoladex and Tamoxifen (2yrs and 5 yrs respectively) My sweats etc were awful on Zoladex for 1st 12 months then did improve for the next 12 months. After I stopped it my periods came back after about 3 or 4 months (if I remember right!), I was 43 at the time and my onc thought it would have pushed me into my menopause - well that was wrong! I didn’t suffer too much on Tamoxifen only getting hot occasionally but nothing like a night (or day) sweats that Zoladex caused. The big improvement was not feeling achey ankles and legs especially 1st thing in the morning. Having said that Tamoxifen stopped working for me at some point so maybe I didn’t get some of the symptoms that are reported.

Hope you feel better after stopping Zoladex - I certainly did!


Thanks Nicky, the sweats have been just as bad for the whole 2 years I was on Zoladex and luckily I never really had any aches in my ankles or legs. Did you notice a gradual improvement after coming off it or did it improve pretty quickly, like within a month or two?