How long before I get oncology appointment

Had surgery 2 weeks ago test results back last week for lymph (negative) and biopsy sent to USA for onco type dx score just wondered how long the wait is for oncologist ? I understand no treatment can’t start till after I have healed I am in Milton Keynes just wondered if there was a timeframe anyone would have. Thanks


I had my mastectomy and node clearance 20th Feb and started chemo March 21st but that was a very fast turn around compared to most. Met the oncologist the week before and it all just went very quickly. Some people don’t start until 12 weeks after.

Your breast surgeon should know a rough timeline from the multi disciplinary meetings with your oncologist so maybe ask him/her.

Take it easy and do your exercises religiously! X

Thanks when she called me with the result last week (a week earlier than thought) all she said was she would refer me to a oncologist who specialises in both radiotherapy and chemotherapy and that she would send off the biopsy to America with result coming back in about 2 weeks. As ever the wait is worst than any of this but I get they have got to get it right. I hope you doing as well as could be expected and wish you a speedy recovery xx

Mine was always in my nodes and I’m ER+ HER2 -ve so I was always going to get chemo. I’m assuming you’re getting chemo though or they wouldn’t be referring you to an oncologist maybe? Have they said that you’re definitely getting chemo?

I know loads of people don’t want it but I would have pooped myself if they’d said no to it for me because I’m having everything, belts and braces and that reassured me. Everyone feels differently.

Maybe they’re still trying to decide if you need chemo or just radio. Surgeons pass you off and then different oncologists discuss you. Some are more chemo focussed, some more radio focussed and they decide together the best plan of attack.

My BCN always knew when I was up for discussion at the MDTM with all the docs. Maybe ask your BCN when you’re being discussed. Surgeons are great but they do put down the scalpel and then psychologically leave the whole process sharpish. There’s soooooooo much more support once you move to oncology. X

Chemo has always been on the back burner, this is really the 1st mention of it I had a 17mm single lump and clear lymph nodes I am ER positive but HER negative very close to skin. My mum had breast cancer in her 50’s and she said they would look at it all as I too am 50 my mum passed away from adrenal cancer in her late 60’s so technically not linked to BC. I think I would rather have chemo like you belt and braces. I might give nurses a call later this week if 8 have not heard anything. I know I am very Lucky it was caught very early.
Thanks for taking the time to reply lots of questions just pop into my head and not sure who it ask.
I agree it did feel surgeon did very well but now her bit is over she is too busy with others.

Ah so Tamoxifen will be important for you then with your history. I never would have known before how many attacks there are with surgery, chemo, radio, Tamoxifen, ovarian suppression. We’re so blessed to have such an armoury!

Definitely ask when you’re up for discussion at the MDTM. They’ll know as the BCN is basically the sane boss of all of the happenings. They run the show!

I hope you get an answer soon. It gets easier once you’re over to Oncology. So much easier. Horrible to get through but so much love and positivity and perspective too. It’s not all bad it turns out! Xx

The waiting can be such hard work can’t it?

I had surgery last year at the end of July, and it took about a month before I got my results from my surgeon. About a month after that I met my oncologist, and I started chemotherapy a few weeks later.

I don’t know if any samples had to go to America or not - nothing was said about this. Maybe because mine was known to be Grade 3 and HER2+ before surgery that chemo was always going to happen.