How long Before Your Hair Grows Back

How long Before Your Hair Grows Back

How long Before Your Hair Grows Back Hi Everyone,
I know this is a little premature but have just finished my chemo and am feeling great again, it took a couple of weeks to be feeling good again, i thought it would be instant but i had to get over the grotty feelings first.
I am just wondering how long before the hair grows back and how sensitive your head is in the sun, is it advisable to wear a hat for a long time after.
I have my rads in a couple of weeks and are planning a holiday as soon as they are finished am i mad do you think this is too soon after rads, we are planning to go to Portuagal i am not bothered if i have to cover up or just sit under a brolly reading a book all day, as long as we can get away i don’t care how i have to keep out of the sun.
Has anyone else out there gone abroad a couple of weeks after rads.
What are your experiences and any tips and how to keep the site out of the sun other than cream and cover ups.
I have gone off on a tangent here sorry,my original thought was what about having no hair on holiday i thought i would wear a cap or sun hat in the day obviously i won’t be able to swim with the wig on as i think it maybe floatin behind me "how funny would that be, you have to laugh don’t you girls.
Wishing You all the very best

Hi Jan Hi Jan

I went to Sorrento last August after finishing chemo in June and rads in July.

My hair had started to come back but was a complete mess. I wore a straw hat in the day and at night I wore a large headband .

I too was adviced to keep my neck and boobs out of the sun so I just sat under a brolly as it was very hot. I did swim in the pool with my headband on but showered as soon as I got out to get rid of the chlorine.

I have to say I did struggle as the sight of all “Normal” women with hair like I used to have did upset me. HOwever I am booked to go away in June and I am hoping this will be better as hair is longer now but even after a year nowhere near what it was.

Have a good time and get yuorself a large straw hat - they are very trendy now and cover a multitude of sins!!

Love Alise

Hiya Jan I was quite lucky in that i didn’t loose all my hair with chemo. As i couldn’t bring myself to cut it i just let it thin out (which in places was alot and i looked ridiculous) and wore a wig over the top.

My last chemo was 15th March and the part where i lost my hair is about 2 inches long so luckily i can tie my hair in a ponytail and you can no longer see my scalp.

i am due to start my rads soon and i will be booking a holiday to get away from it all when its finished so i don’t think its to soon - you derserve the break!!

Regarding laughing at wigs - i’m going to blackpool with the girls from work in August and we’ll be sharing rooms so i’ve asked who doesn’t get scared easily as i don’t want to be woken up in the night with one of them trying to kill my wig which i’ve hung on the end bed!!!

Have a good time


My hair is now about half an inch all over and my last chemo was end of Jan! It is thick and looks in good condition - but isn’t curly (which is was before).

Hi horselover Hi, I went to Brazil in Dec last year two days after my rads finished and about a month after my chemo finished. I was lucky in that I didn’t lose all my hair just looked as though I had a ‘number one’.

While in Brazil I plastered on Factor 40 on my boob and number 15 for the rest of my body, I also kept my boob covered with a scarf, I also stayed in the shade where possible and wore a hat - though I still managed to get a nice tan.

My head felt slightly sensitive, but found that with the sun my hair grew back quicker so I think it’s good to expose your head to a LITTLE sun as this will stimulate growth - this is my opinion anyway.

I think going on hols just after the treatment is a good idea, it did me the world of good, just to get back into circulation, have a drink, meet friends and generally get back to normal. Have a fantastic time you derserve it!

Horses, horses, horses…!! Hi Jan

I just loved your web name, and I was so pleased to read your profile
about you having horses.

I lost mine beloved horse (27 years) in the December just before I was diagnosed the following April. I sometimes wonder if it was a blessing because I don’t know how I would have coped with the mucking out at 5.30am every day. Did you still manage to continue riding?

As for your holiday, I went on one 2 months after finishing chemo, and I did get a really high factor sun screen and kept in the shade and wore hats. Let me tell you getting in that warm swimming pool for the first time was fantastic! After all the horrible needles and pain that your body endures it was the first nice sensation that Id had for ages and it was wonderful. So you go for it and enjoy.

By the way Im going to a remote farmhouse in the hills in Mallorca next week and guess what…there are horses…and Im taking my boots.
I wonder if I can remember how to ride???

Hope you have a great time.
Debbie x

Hair Growing Back Hi Jan,

Me and my other half went on holiday just after my treatment. My hair had started to come back just before my last chemo, so I was quite “tuffted”. It was about a quarter on an inch long. We went to the med, in the hottest summer on record. I wore one of those stretchy ,awful nylon scarf things in about a million degrees, and walked for far too long. So I gave up, and went au natural. I got a few strange looks, but not for long, but felt cooler. I was advised by Christies to use P20 sun screen, but to be honest, you have to put it on a while before you go outside, and I’d forget, and it felt really sticky - yuck. I think everyone else has it right, big hat, high factor sun screen and enjoy. Hope you both have a fab time. You both so deserve it. And should your wig come off in the pool, say it’s his!!


Lovely Horses Hi Debbie,
Lovely to find someone who has got an interest in horses, you say you lost yours horse at the age of 27, must have been sad for you but as you say i think you would have found it very difficult to cope with all the work.

I am still riding and have done all the way through my treatment i know i have been very lucky but it has helped to keep me going. I am also very lucky that i keep them at home and my husband also rides so he and a friend have helped me a great deal, he has done most of the mucking out and has been my rock along with friends and family.
You say you are a Lancs lass, i am a yorkshire lass (well we moved here about 15 years ago) so i think as myself as a york lass as my Dad used to live here aswell.

I have my rads still to come they start 25th May and we are hoping to go away end of June, I cant wait!

How long is it since you have been riding is it a while,theres a certain fact you will not have forgotten how to ride.

Hope you have a lovely time in Mallorca let me know how you have gone on won’t you.

Wishing you all the best

JanW (horselover)

Hi Jan

Same here…its lovely to talk to someone who has the same love of horses. I had Rio for 23 years, he followed me around the country, eventually ending back in Lancashire. He was a grey and eventually passed away, with me at his side, just before Christmas some three years ago. My daughter had a lovely old grey mare who had unfortunately passed away the Summer before, both we think with colic related problems.

My daughter has now gone on to study the causes of this problem in older horses, and has just taken ‘delivery’ of ‘Harry’ a rescued race horse. I hope to visit her soon.

I was riding Rio the week before he died, so it has been quite a long time since I have been ‘in the saddle’, Im sure that they will have an old plodder for the likes of me!! (Although, when I went last time, the horses looked pretty fit and they were stallions, I dont think that they geld them in Spain.

The only thing that I am concerned about is getting up in the saddle now, I have lost all of my muscle and because Im on Arimadex Im pretty stiff around the old joints…

Good luck with the rads, (after all the chemo I found them not a problem) the worse thing was travelling everyday to Clatterbridge.

Youll have to be careful about keeping the chest area out of the sun, but Im sure that you can find some lovely tree to shade yourself under.

Ill let you know how the riding goes, Ill probably chicken out and end up just giving them polo’s!

Take care