How long between surgery & radiotherapy?

Is there a maximum time limit between lumpectomy surgery & radiotherapy starting? Very concerned that my treatment is being delayed.


When was your surgery? Do you already have your radiotherapy dates?

My radiotherapy begins next week, exactly ten weeks after my surgery. I believe it should have happened earlier however there was a delay of two weeks in sending my Oncotype test away (oncology consultant’s fault), I also had an infection three weeks after surgery which further delayed my treatment.

Jacqu x

I had surgery on 21st April…. Started radiotherapy on Monday! 13 weeks after surgery. 
Covid delays are real!

Hello, I had my surgery on 17th June, and started my radiotherapy on 8th Sept, so almost 12wks in my case. 

I’m wondering if it might be slightly different depending on each person? I was told I needed RT 3-6 weeks after my mastectomy. It ended up being 8 weeks because no one had bothered to book it in until I asked when it was happening. This has been my biggest stress throughout my diagnosis and treatment - they say ‘Oh you need chemo to start within 2 weeks’ then two weeks later I discover no one has booked the cardio scans or blood tests let alone the chemo itself.

Today I turned up for my immunotherapy and someone (who?) had cancelled it- so now it will be missed rather than rescheduled. This doesn’t seem right! But I’m too tired and over it to complain. Sorry to hijack your thread but I do really relate to how frustrating it is to find the right information and then try and ask for what you need.