How long did Capecitabine work?

Hello all

i am currently taking capecitabine for bone and liver mets. How long did capecitabine work for people? I’ve been on this tablet for 4 months but unsure if it is still working, it was keeping everything ok at December scans but have this feeling it is not working anymore. I have scans and blood test tomorrow so a worrying time.

Any stories about cape lasted a long or short time would be appreciated.

thank you

louise x

Hi I was on capecitabine from May 2020 until August 2021.

Dr Kept me on 80% dose but because of ongoing foot issues, I was taken off it.


Only 6 months for me but I was on a very reduced dose as it was giving me heart palpitations. However I know of many ladies who have gotten several years out of it. We all seem very individual regarding longevity on meds.

Hope it works well for you 

Take care

Debs x

I’m on cycle 15 so that’s 10-11 months. Remarkable results but now I have conflicting information. Blood markers and tumour markers are very low, suggesting no cancer activity, but MRI shows a small progression in my tumour (medial canthus, where you pinch your nose between the eyes) and I can feel my skin mets changing. Oncologist says cape is still containing the TNBC and breast care nurse says I’m stable so I stay on this until I feel ill (flattened by fatigue doesn’t count) or quarterly CT scan shows a spread. So ”not working” has different meanings. It may be it’s not working so well but has things contained for now or, worst scenario, it’s stopped working and new lesions appear. I now find the consultation every 3 weeks a bit more stressful, waiting for the axe to fall! BUT there are women in my Facebook groups who’ve been on it for years so don’t stop hoping xx

Hi Louise, 

Just came across your post and I’ve been feeling the same as you. I feel things are not quite right.  I’ve been on it for 6 months, cycle 10 now and back in October/November I felt really good, however now I have stomach aches through the night and am feeling pain in my left shoulder blade. I’m told to up the painkillers, I’m already on 25mg morphine twice a day plus 8 paracetamol every four hours! Maybe that’s normal with bone and liver mets, I don’t know, are you on similar pain control?

I’m due a CT scan this Wednesday so yes, totally agree it is a very worrying time. I wish I could be more positive, but some ladies are giving positive feedback so that’s really helpful. 

Good luck with your scan and bloods, I’ll be thinking of you 

Shirley xx