How long for blue dye to disappear?



I’m wondering how long it will be before the blue dye from the SNB will leave my boob? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Thanks.






I had my rads about 10 weeks after my operation and I remember that the blue was still there when i started rads, although it was quite faint by then so I would say it took about 12 weeks for mine to disappear


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Jaye x

Hi Sparkle,
Having been told the dye would stay for “a few weeks” I was surprised to still have a bit of a dusky nipple 5 months post op. Apparently this was entirely normal and I would say at 6 months it has now gone. I don’t think there’s anything to be done about it but it will go eventually.

Mine still here since February

Mine took about nine months although by that time it was very faint. I thought it would never go as I was also told a 'few’weeks. Mind you I had the allergic reaction to the dye that only a tiny percent of people get. Glad I didn’t know anything about it.

Mines still a here after 8 months, but quite faint now x

Hi I’ve had a bad reaction to the blue dye too as soon as I came up from my opp I was covered head to foot in a horrid rash and clumps of blue rash. Even the surgeon came ul to look at mw and said this is first time ive seen this and im putting it down to a bad reaction to the blue dye they give me some tabs and it had gobe the next day…still got a black n blue looking nipple though .

HI just thought I’d update my post on this thread. I had surgery last April 2014 and had my surgical check up yesterday. I was surprised when the first thing the consultant said was I still had blue dye discoloration. You can hardly see it but it is still there. I thought it had gone. I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will along with the tenderness!!!

Oh dear! It does take time im 4wks post rads now and its going …my boob and nipple is so itchy and my nipple looks funny seeing white appear …it was the blue dye from my opp what was a mess when I woke up from head to foot in a rash and lumps but antyistamins cured that the next day had all gone but did look a right mess at first so I must remember I had a bad allergic reaction to the blue dye the surgeon said next time I will have to wear a red band in surgery to let them know …I thought there wobt be a next tine if I can help it ha! X

christine x

Hi x 

I’m still blue too after the op in May. What exactly did it do? I thought I was told it coloured the lymph nodes that may have cancer in them. If so why inject in the nipple? My nre onc who is dealing with the rads (another hospital) read my report and said ‘oh that’s interesting, one was bloe but changed by the time it got to the lab’ I need to ask what on earth she was on about on reflection! lol. Are we meant to understand it all in one conversation!? Think I will start recording my appointments :slight_smile: x

Hi familytree.
they told me the same injected in nipple so can see if in lynthnoids at thee opp…they took three lynthnoids but never really explained to me about it all they said was they got the cancer out.! Recording is a good idea I wanted to ask my oncologist lots of questuons on one of my reviews at rads hospital… and was waiting in a roon for 35mins I was so tired I forgot what I wanted to ask he was rushing very busy too…so I think when your having a review best to write down all your questiins you want to ask…I had two reviews while having rads ine halfway through and one on last day x

christine x

yes my rads hospital was at preston I went everyday for 3weeks…it was a different hospital to my opp hospital…I never rang my breast nurse but when I did she never got back to me…she is
retireing next week so thats proib why
didnt bother ringing me back…ive learnt everhng from this site really people have
gone through same things we are all in
the same boat so who better to adk and
learn from…ive replied to your other question in darling rads of july…hope you can find it …it explains abot how to get your comments etc x

christine x

Wow what a small world Lorna
preston was ok make sure you get a parking permit from receotion and they will give you a card to get your free coffee tea drink everyday just show your card…I did ok with parking managed to get outsde the building everyday my times was good between 10/11 everday I told them I had yo get my daughter to school and be there to pick her up too…plus traffic was good at that time I had my opp in Burnley.I miss goibg for rads it give me chance to meet n chat to other ppl about it …as ive kept it quiet only my sis n hubby know about me I didnt want molicodleing and ppl worried about me its just my way of coping with it…its not been easy though…x

christine x

that was the same for me I just tried to block it in a pocket in the back of me head …when I hot to preston ot hit me like a tone of bricks then I looked forward to going it was like a day out for me as I’d been climbing the walls with boredom…my mum wouls be worried sick if she knew…ive even put my uniform on afew times and called down had a coffee with her pretending im working …if she has been in my car im worried if hospitals or doctors ring me and comes through blue tooth on radio loud speaker while she has been with me so I always disconnected my blue tooth before take her out…its not been easy by a long shot even my 11 yr old daughter dosnt know she thinks ive had a sore shoulder…im going to get pysio on my shoulder today at yet another place in nelson…see what happens …ive got an appointment to see my oncologist 9 weeks after my rads funished I think they just make sure your all settled down after rads because uts still working for 6wks after…x

christine x

Yes good idea they come from all over to preston it took me anout 35 mins drive when clear…so not to bad…im sure one day im hoong yo bump into some one I know at these appointments ha…I had my opp in april x

christine x

Mine is still just as apparent 12 months on and still have tenderness. x

The dye was still visible up to 9 months for me, really funny having one odd shaped/tanned/tinged blue boob that looks like my bikini top may have slipped during sunbathing:womanlol: I suppose I am lucky I didnt lose too much boob so dont need chicken fillet and lymph nodes were clear. I am just glad I am still here.

Good luck to all. X

Hi Sparkle, wondering how your getting on with your blue boob now. It took me 18months & still have a tinge. I’ve nicknamed it my smurf boob ? Sending hugs x

OMG didn’t realise the staining lasted that long! Doctor never even mentioned it pre op. Assumed it would go like a bruise in 3 weeks or so. Guess I will just have to embrace my inner Smurf. Just so happy that shape wise I am looking normal (though I haven’t had my dressings off yet) that a bit of blue doesn’t seem that big a deal at this stage.