How long for joint pain to stop

I wonder if anyone can advise how long it took for joint pain to ease off after stopping Anastrozole? 

After I had my overies removed I was started in Anastrozole from tamoxafen. I started getting a bad hip that become really bad. My oncologist said it was probably the Anastrozole so took me off it and put me back on tamoxafen and said even post menopause she doesn’t like prescribing Anastrozole because of joint discomfort.

She said if in a months time my pain was still bad I should contact and have an MRI to check but she was very confident it was just the medication?

it has been 3 weeks and my hip is still sore. I am 39 but have osteoporosis but specialists did say that shouldn’t make my hip hurt.  


I get hip pain from letrozole. It seems to flair up every now and again. The last time it took 2 months to settle. Epsom salts in the bath was recommended to me and I do think that helps.

Best wishes 

Sue xx