How long is hospital stay for masectomy

I had a lumpectomy in May but two new 5 cms. lumps grew within two weeks, so went straight to TAC chemo. Have just had my fifth so one to go. I am then having a Masectomy followed by Rads. Could anyone who has had an M. let me know how long they stayed in Hospital as I have no family or nearby friends and am worried about my dogs. The lumps shrunk to half size after one dose and disappeared completely after two. Hoping I can persuade Surgeon not to operate.
Thanks for any advice, val

Hi Val,
I came out of hospital just over two weeks ago after reconstruction and mastectomy. I was told I would be in for 7-10 days. I was in on the tuesday andif I had of pushed it, they would have let me home on the friday, albeit with 2 drains still in. I wasnt keen on this idea as was terrified my young children would accidentally pull them out. I was eventually discharged after 1 week

Dear Val

How long was your stay for your lumpectomy?

Cecelia. x

I had my mastectomy done on a friday morning…and I escaped the hospital on sunday afternoon woohoo…was well impressed as id been told id be in for about 5 days…so to escape after 2 nights was a bonus.
Your hospital stay I guess…all depends on how you come round after the op, how your drains go, and what your surgeon says

Hi Val,

I had my mastectomy and total axillary clearance on a thurs and went home on the following tues. So, I was in for 5 nights in total. I could’ve gone home a little sooner, with one of the drains still in place, but personally I did not fancy that at all!!! I had a bit of a reaction to the anaesthetic too, so that sort of hindered my progress a little I guess.

All the best for your op,


I was only supposed to be in for the day but as I had a drain in after my lumpectomy and had noone at home I had to stay overnight.