How long is it ok to wait for breast cancer surgery?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer Dec 17th. Originally pencilled in for mastectomy Jan 8th but almost straight away lost that appointment to “ ladies whose need was greater than mine” which I totally understand. Dec 22nd the consultant decided after Contrast Medium Mammogram that he was confident that he could successfully remove the cancer with a Wide Excision, sentinel node excision, followed by radiotherapy, histology results pending. I have an op date for Jan 28th now but am already concerned in the current climate that it will be cancelled. How long is it deemed ok to wait for surgery for breast cancer. I have been started on Letrozole pre op already. I have no idea what is normal in these circumstances.

hi bcrsally

i two-was diagnosed with breast cancer in November and was booked in to have a op on the 4/1 for a lumpectomy following radiotherapy 

mom New Year’s Day I was called by the breast nurse to say my surgery was cancelled due to the high rise in covid resulting in no beds 

I was devastated 

she couldn’t tell me when my op would be 

on the 4th jan the consultant called me and told me I would be given letrozole which I have been on a week now

apoke to the breast nurse last week and she told me that they will get me in soon as they can which don’t help me mentally she also said she hope to have more information on the of in a couple of week 

so your answer to how long we have to wait is when the COVID lessens in hospital and we can finally have our op I am suffering with anxiety as at the moment that is what my life is all about with this hanging over me 

I hope your op does not get cancelled

it’s still a few weeks weeks yet and hopefully more bed will become available 

sending positive thoughts and hugs

Hi there,

I was on letrozole for six months to shrink two tumours before lumpectomy eighteen months ago to avoid mastectomy. All went well. Tumours shrunk and lymph nodes were still clear too. Follow up mammogram last year fine too.

Hope all goes well when you do get your surgery.

Take care. 




Hi bcrsally

i now have my operation date on the 27th January a day before you they rang me Wednesday so looks like operations are starting again so I doubt very much yours will be cancelled I am so happy but scared at the same time 
sending you hugs :two_hearts:

Since my original post I am pleased to say that my Op date has been brought forward to TODAYMon 25th. All ready to go and get this done, left side wide excision grade 2 oestrogen positive lobular cancer, let’s do this. Good luck and speedy return to good health to you lovely ladies booked for 27th. Speak to you all very soon

Hi Bcsally,how are you I just feel that I need to join your conversation.I was diagnose IDC grade 2 it all started during my first Mammograph last Sept.due to corona all my test was being delayed I only got Op last 20th Jan.You are right it so stressful to wait I understand you because I was into that same situation.But as I learn from my experienced the oncologist and surgeon knows if your in risk.Like if your cancer is aggresive or not, in this point they will take you into consideraton for urgent call.It is best to ask  your oncologist and surgeon about  it,for me analizing/understanding the cancer is very important because it’s a pity that you will bring yourself into a very stressful situation for without enough reason stress can add more health problems so do your best.My lumpectomy was’t successfull I didn’t have clean margin. Today is my 2nd op excision I hope & pray that  I can make it this time so that I can start my treatment.I did not recieve letrozole come what may I am fully feed up of informations about different treatment.It is confusing but yes!I believe I can make it.I wish you good luck and for myself too.

Virtual hug