How long should steri-strips be left on?

Hi everyone - I had a WLE and SNB last Wednesday. My registrar told me to take the dressings off after 5 days, which I did today - the lot. However, I have read in some places that the steri-strips should be left on much longer and I am wondering if he just meant to remove the outer dressing, but that is not what it sounded like. When I had the two core biopsies, they said to remove the dressing after about 5 days and I just did the same. Any ideas?

Ann x

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Hi Ann.
I had the same surgery as you.
I removed my dressings and the steri strips after 5 days, l then bathed the area with salt water and dabbed dry and covered with a piece of gauze. It healed in no time and infact is hardly noticeable after 3 months.
Hope you soon heal.

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Thanks, Barbara. You have put my mind at rest. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time but then read advice to the contrary. Glad you have healed well.

Ann x

I too was told to remove the steristrips but my WLE scar was pulling. I was worried it would get wider ( and uglier) so after reading that some people are told to keep putting steristrips on I kept using them just to stop it pulling apart.I have had to stop now due to rads but I believe it helped it heal very neatly.
I guess it depends on the position of your scar and any strain on it.
Good luck

Hi Ann

I was told to take the outer dressings off after 48 hours and leave the steri strips on until I went back for my results about a week and a half after the op.The stitches themselves were dissolvable.

Like a lot of things, I think the advice/procedure just varies from one hospital to another.
I am sure you’ll be ok.

Take care
Anna x

hi annalou i was told the same as you i had my op on 1st dec and took outer dressing off today and was told to leave steristrips on until follow up. i was alos told to keep the area dry until follow up

The surgeon didnt put anything over the steristrips with me and I left them on for 10 days, until the night before I went for my results. Second op was done by a different surgeon who used a full dressing and I wal allergiv to it. Much prefer the steristrips.

I didn’t have steri strips until they removed the stitches a week after the op and saw one bit wasn’t quite closed. Was told to leave them another 5 days. My Breast nurse was very insistant that I should leave everything alone as long as possible to let it heal “unmolested”!