How long till your hair grew back (longest time?)

Hi, I’d like to know how long it took for your hair to grow back: I’ve read many times on the forums and elsewhere that some women have their hair grow back within a few months of finishing chemo. However, I only have about 50% coverage of hair after over 12 months since finishing chemo. The hair that’s there is growing (I have about 2-3 inches) but because it’s not all there it looks very thin on my scalp (you can see alot of my scalp so I don’t ever go out without a scarf on).


Now I’ve started to believe that because the rest of it hasn’t come back then it’s not likely to - but I’d love for someone to say ‘don’t worry there’s still a chance it’ll all be back, because it took my hair 1/2/years/longer…’


So has anyone out there been in a similar situation and found that it did eventually all grow back as normal even though it took over a year to do so? Any feedback would be really appreciated. 

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My hair grew very very slowly after chemo. I’m sure taking Tamoxifen has an effect as I noticed my nails become more flaky-I’ve always had very fast growing finger nails (think there’s a relation with hair growth)

I took a Tamoxifen break and my hair grew rapidly as did my nails-not sure if you’re on this tablet.

If you private message me I can send you pics of my hair growth as I kept a record.

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Hi. I finished FEC-T at the end of July 2014 and my hair didn’t start to grow back for a few months after and even now nearly 7 months later it is still only about 1/2 an inch. I know some ladies said their hair started growing again before they had finished their chemo. I am quite disapointed at how slowly my hair is growing and thought by now I would be able to leave my wig off when I go out, I dont wear it at home. It is quite thick at the back but thin on top and sides and very grey. I am going to Center Parcs over the easter holidays and was hoping not to wear my wig but not sure I will be able to. I would be happy with a short style if my hair was growing more evenly. I started on Anastrozole in November and this can effect your hair and have wondered if this is so with mine. I have also noticed that not all my body hair has grown back yet, not that I am worried about that. I take muti vitimins for hair, skin and nails which seem to help my nails as I noticed they got worse when I ran out of them ( I lost all but 4 because of the chemo ) and they are getting better now although still quite weak so hopefully they are helping my hair as well. 

Good luck with your hair and I hope by the summer you will be able to go out without your scarf with confidence. 

I was very lucky as I had an absolute mane of hair and I used the cold cap during my 6 months of chemo. I had my hair cut to shoulder length the day before my first treatment so the hairloss wouldnt be so frightening.  I lost 50% probably but it was even so not noticable to others. For me is was very noticible.  Cold cap was fine due to my thick hair but the last treatment was unbearable as I’d lost so much and i dont think i would have been able to continue with it.  Its a year on and I now have two hairdo’s in one. about two inches of regrowth and my below shoulder length.  keep it tied back or pinned up as it looks absolutely ridiculous but there is no way im having any cut, every hair is valuable.  the shorter hair makes the longer hair stick out and I think in 6 months time I should probably have some kind of strange mullet going on.  I would wear a hat if it werent for the tamoxifen sweats!


Probably not much help in answering any questions but thought it might make you laugh.  I have been taking some herbal pills from switzerland called revalid or something. Supposed to take 2  3 x a day but they are expensice so I only take 2 once a day but i think they have helped.  I try not to wash it too often and avoid harsh shampoos.  

Definitely try the nioxin if possible I saw something on tv about scalp microdermabrasion to unblock the folicles from sebum. that could really make a difference.

Im sure your hair will get back to normal but it all takes time for the body to settle down after being ravaged by chemicals.  



try Nioxin shampoo number 4,for chemically treated hair??? yes that is funny but having hair not grown back is not.
Amazon have it ,sold by Hair Angels,also biotin supplement I am told.

Hi Helm,
My blogpost might help you, it’s a 2 year post chemo hair diary, lots of photos tracking the growth:
Lots of Love
Jelly x

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Hi Helm. I’m curious to know how you got on with your hair. I finished FEC-T in jan. My hair grew through Docytaxol then fell out 4 weeks after chemo. Still virtually no hair anywhere. Has yours continued to improve? I’m trying to get my head around the idea that I may be like this forever.

I used to be a very conservative, overweight, middle-of-the-road, Women’s Institute jam-making sort of person whose clothes were, frankly, frumpy. I lost weight (due to chemo) so now I can dress trendy (cos I can).  I loathed being bald so I was thrilled to grow a bit of hair.  At first I combed it flat but my husband said I looked like Hitler!  “Fluff it up a bit” he suggested (so I did). “That’s better” he said.  My new ‘punk look’ seems to have excited quite a lot of attention recently. Believe me now I can truly sympathise with what ‘goths’ have to put up with for their ‘art’. I get all sorts of peculiar comments from weirdos who don’t ‘twig’ that my crazy hair is due to chemo – they seem to think that I am styling it this way because I want a bit of aggro! I feel most indignant, in fact I am so fed-up that I think I might go the whole hog, dye my hair fluorescent blue, wear thick black eye-liner, a leather collar around my neck with studs and spikes in, a frayed denim mini-skirt, a pair of fishnet tights (with holes strategically ripped in them of course) and finish it all off with a few controversial fake ‘tattoos’ on my knuckles. Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! (Well laugh, obviously).

FeistyFlora you need to start a funny!