How long will I suffer from fatigue?

I know that fatigue is an expected side effect of treatment but for just how long? Had two lots of surgery, chemo, rads and a year of herceptin. Completed treatment in December and now back teaching. Couple of weeks ago I felt so much better but now shattered again. Have spells when I am just wiped out. So difficult to explain to colleagues friends and family and feel so inadequate. Anyone have any idea how long this will continue for? 

Hi Sofadays, I finished treatment (wle, chemo & rads) March15 - so I’m a year+ on and I still haven’t regained my previous energy and staying power. Although I’m fat and fifty+ lol a month before diagnosis I walked up Ben Nevis to the snowy summit but l don’t believe I could do even a big hill at the moment. I could walk 10 miles in the peak district before, but currently I can just manage 4/5 miles on a beach! We are of course all different and will recover at different rates, but hope this helps - it is still early doors! 

Hi Sofadays


I am nearly 3 years from dx and I only really started to feel my energy levels were getting better towards the middle of last year. I had surgery and rads but no chemo and I suffered from fatigue and thought it would never get better. I worked through most of it but I would regularly have days where I was pretty comatose by 7pm. I am so much better now but even still if I have a couple of very busy/long days in a row then I do suffer for a couple of days after.


I was also mentally all over the place, couldn’t remember things etc. I try to do as much excercise as I can, write reminders to myself on my phone app - don’t know how I would manage without it, and I have found cognitve training really helpful - Peak is really good.


I suppose its just patience and helping yourself every way you can that worked for me.


I hope you both see some improvement soon.


Take care.



This will get rid of your fatigue - research shows 90% of cancer patients showed an improvement after just one week.

It’s a food supplement called Acetyl - L- carnitine wtih alphalipoic acid and you can get it on Amazon. 

It boosts the energy producing part of your cells called mitochondria and also improves your cognitive function.

I’ve been on it for weeks and it’s totally banished all cancer fatigue - in fact, I have more energy than before and my mind is sharp. 


That Alpha stuff sounds good but I need to check whether it’s ok with the meds I’m on-is there anywhere on line that tells us?