How long??

Does anyone know how long I should have to wait to have my surgery? I found my lump in mid February & am still waiting for my surgery. Why do I have to wait so long in between appointments? Does it really take 4 weeks to get the results of a biopsy? I have every test available now & just want this things cut out of me so I can start my treatment.

Scared silly

Gill :frowning:

Hi Gill

I can only offer my personal experience and hope this helps. I’ve had BC twice. First time around as with the second time, the lump was discovered and biopsy taken. Got the results the following week and was called to see BCN and Consultant to discuss the op. Then I waited two weeks for the operation. Got results of the op the following week and due to cancer in sentinel node I had to have further op which was after Christmas (approx 3 weeks). Then met Onc to discuss chemo plan and started chemo within three weeks. I have to say the whole process was very swift and efficient and the results came approximately a week after each test and operation.

Good luck and if your feeling worried which is understandable, you could ring the breast care nurse.

Take care

Krissy xx

Hi Gill,

I was diagnosed on 15th April with IDC and have op (WLE and SNB) booked for 11th May.

I seem to have to wait two weeks for everything. I waited two weeks for first appt, then two weeks from biopsy until diagnosis, and then two weeks until I got operation date. I now have two weeks until the op and then two weeks after that for results.

I really HATE the waiting.

Have you spoken to your BCN to see if she has any idea how much longer you will have to wait to find out. I got really twitchy about getting my date and when I spoke to her she put me through to admissions who said, we can’t tell you exactly when, but it will be between 5th and 15th May.

I hope you hear soon, all the best,

I waited 4 weeks from diagnosis to surgery.

Julia xx

It does seem a long time, perhaps you should make a follow up call to the clinic?
My dates were:
Breast clinic - 25th January
Diagnosis - 1st Feb
Surgery - 20th Feb
Chemo started - 9th April


I was told the operation had to be done within 31 days. mine was 35 days, l was diagnosed on the 9th Feb, after two lumpectomies, l am now awaiting mx!
I think the 31 days starts from the diagnosis and not from when you found the lump. when l questioned why mine had gone over the 31 days, l was told it was because they were waiting for the biopsy result on my lymphnodes, which only took 4/5 days.
I think you need to speak to your bcn
Good Luck
Sandra xxx


My life has been in 3 week blocks pretty much
Docs to check out lump start of July
Biopsy and mammogram 21st July
Results 11th August
Lumpectomy and SNB 11th September
Results 3 weeks later, further lumpectomy and node clearance the following week
Results 3 weeks later
Mastecomy the following week on November 5th
Results 3 weeks after that.
Then every 3 weeks my expander implant got filled up
Started chemo start of December, every 3-4 weeks, had last one 3 weeks ago and started rads last week.

Prob worth a call as at least then you might get a date to prepare yourself for.

Best of luck with everything.
Em x

Gill,you really need to make some noise as it is not acceptable to wait so long to begin treatment.
Please phone and ask when you will get treated.I believe treatment should start within a month of referral.
This website is interesting
If you want to complain,check your local NHS website for details of how to do so.
You should not have to wait nearly 3 months!
Good luck

I have finally been given a op date as Saturday 15th May.
Will now need a mastectomy as the tumour has produced lots of babies according to my MRI. Thought that was bad enough news for 1 day but was also told that I will not be able to have the breast reconstructed straight away. I have no idea how I will cope at seeing my body with only 1 breast but somehow I dont think I will cope with it at all. I am due to go on holiday in June but dont think I will feel lke wearing a bikini or summer t.shirts. I dont know how I am going to get through this. :frowning:
I am sure I can feel the cancer spreading as my affected breast tingles all the time. Has anyone else had these tingles?

Now terrified & tired from lack of sleep

Hi Gill can I but in here? So sorry that you have had to join us on this forum but you will find support and encouragementHave you been given a reason for not being able to have recon straight away? Do you need to have chemo and/or radiotherapy? which may make a difference to date of recon. It is a b…r this whole BC stuff interferes with our lives as we knew/know it is so b…y much. Can you ask why the delay? I think the whole issue of finding our bodies looking different is a bitch to get to grips with I also said to my BCN I would not be able to look at the 'scar’I also found my boob was sore and hurt all the time, was told this was due to the amount of being exanmined, mammogrammed, ultrasounded etc.and this has settled now.Not sure yet what my surgery will be have had 6x chemo for a small lump which on MRI showed it had lots of multi-focal bits with it) lol and hugs coming your way Jackie

Hi Gill,

my BC breast hurt & stung and when I mentioned this to my BC nurse just before my op she also said that due to all the test etc and your heightened awareness after diagnosis makes most women feel like you describe. I have ILC multifocal with DCIS and had a radical mx with immediate LD flap reconstruction. You should be given a reason why no immediate recon as nice guidelines now state that women who need an mx should be offered immediate reconstruction unless there are other reasons which prevent this ie further treatment etc.
Timelines differ in the different PCT’s, for me it was 10 days from GP to Breast Clinic, two week from there to dx and 10 days from there to op, then 6 weeks to see oncologist and a further two weeks until chemo start. Sorry you have found yourself having to deal with all this, you will find the forum at great place for information and support.
I found reading the guidelines very informative, you can find them online at xxxTina