How many had pain as a symptom? I'm new and worried! Pls read

Hi everyone,
im new here. Just a little bit of background info on me. I’m 31 and have 5 children. I have been getting extereme itching and pain in my right breast for around a week now, (the itching a bit longer). I had noticed a bit of an unconscious change as I remember asking my hubby if my boobs were getting bigger! On thursday my pain was so bad my hubby took me to a&e. the dr examined me and found a lump but informed me that I need my gp to refer me to a breast surgeon… My grandfather had breast cancer, lung cancer and throat cancer and passed away on the day of the royal wedding (29th April 2011). My paternal grandfather passed away from cancer pretty much everywhere, my paternal grandmother also died from lung cancer. My mum had cervical cancer in her late 20’s but she is still here now :slight_smile:
id like to know how many people diagnosed with bc had pain as a symptom? the dr that found my lump said “sinister doesn’t normally hurt”
thanks, Lisa x

Hi Mum2fiveLi
My GP said the same to me too and even now the consultant I am under says Breast Cancer doesn’t cause pain, if there is pain it is normally the breast tissue and your hormones so please don’t make any assumptions based on pain as it isn’t a symptom of BC. Have you got a date for a breast clinic appointment yet as that is where they will do a mammogram and anything else they need to check out the lump and get your pain sorted?
Keep busy and try not to worry, easier said than done but worth trying! :slight_smile:

Hi I had shooting pains in my breast ,my tumour grew very fast (the nature of my type of cancer ) and was pressing on nerves hence the pain . so it could just be that you lump is pressing on nerves.

On two separate occasions when diagnosed with breast cancer pain was a symptom that alerted me to a problem! I think there are many women on these forums who would say that they had pain prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course I think we all know that not all pain in the breast is bc.
At least Lisa the doctor that examined you wasn’t saying outright that pain was not a symptom, but that it doesnt normnally hurt. My tumours grew very quickly and I am sure that had something to do with the pain I experienced.
Hope your GP is sensible and refers you quickly Lisa, but don’t be afraid to put pressure on him/her. It might be a good idea to give the helpline here a call tomorrow morning.


Thank you all for your replies. indisnt think id get any!!
I have been trying my hardest to get an appointment with my GP, even told the receptionist what the appointment was for but 4 days later, I still don’t have an appointment… I will be calling them yet again in the morning.
The thing that worries me the most, is my grandad had breast cancer and we all know that’s pretty rare. I’ve also read about a gene mutation that can be carried by a man… It’s just all quite worrying. My hubby is a fantastic man but if I mention anything to do with my lump, he seems to clam up :frowning: I have been open with friends though, so I can talk about it.

Try not to worry , I had pain in mine and an inverted nipple , the doctor refered me but said she didn’t think it was anything sinister !!! At the clinic I was examined by the consultant who found a swelling , I then had a mamagram , ultrasound and puncture biopsy . I was told straight after it was bc now gotta wait till weds for biopsy results . I never thought this would happen to me , but I WILL stay positive and face whatever comes my way , I’m only 44 so like you classed as young . Please stay positive you never know it could very well be nothing , I’ll keep everything crossed for you and stay in touch …big hugs xxxxxxx

I had a little discomfort in my breast before I found my lump. Since being diagnosed I’ve been getting some ‘hot’ sort of pains and some soreness in my armpit - don’t know how much of this is psychological and how much is my grade 3 tumour growing and pushing on the tissue. Can’t wait to get the little bar-steward out of me!

I Still don’t understand all the terminology but I’m sure I will get to know it soon enough, I’m frightened of what I’ll here and whether I’ll understand!!! then there’s the part of me that doesn’t want to hear it (should I wear ear plugs: -( ) Seems like a long dark road ahead, thank God for family and friends!!! Lots of love xxxx

I know it’s impossible not to worry but as others have said, try not to worry too much. I had pain in my breast and it turned out to be cancer 18 months ago but it wasn’t the intense pain and itching you describe. However, nearly thirty years ago I remember a few weeks in my life when I did have that sort of pain. I remember being out for a walk with my husband and the pain was so bad I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get back to the car. I don’t know what caused it. With hindsight I should have gone to my GP, but I didn’t and it eventually went away.

Hi there Mum2 fiveLyou when you phone the GP surgery tomorrow just tell them you need an urgent appointment that day . You do not have to explain to the receptionist your private details. If you can offer to come at end of surgery and wait they should agree to see you. Also you can ask to speak to the Doctor by phone if you get nowhere. Failing that ask to speak to the Practice Manager and tell her you are not happy with your response and being kept waiting. As Dawnhc says give helpline a call in morning. Lets us know how you get on!

Hi Mumof5
I had a stabbing pain in my breast & then found lump it was the pain that alerted me to it so I was grateful for it or it may have been longer before I found it, the Drs always seem to say that pain is not associated with bc but as you can see from the replies it can be, I dont want to alarm you just advise that it CAN be but best to get any pain/lumps etc checked asap jsut to be safe, good luck hun hope it turns out to be nothing


Again I don’t know if pain is a symptom or not but prior to diagnosis I had a lot of pain. I used to think it was hormonal which it may have been. It was like a dull ache and sometimes stabbing pains where I felt I wanted to hold my breast to alleviate it, not something I could always do in a busy secondary school! Do keep on at the Docs and as others have said insist tomorrow, you have waited long enough now. I hope all will be well with you.
much love,
Gaynor xx

Hi, I never had pain, but terrible itching for 12 months… The itching was same side of my tumour, and was chest, shoulder blade and back it drove me mad… thought it was side effects of possible menopause… Actually wasn’t in menopause at all, always wondered if the itching was a sign that I had cancer… who knows!
You will feel more incontrol when you have that appointment… try and keep strong
Maggie x

Thank you all so much. I really feel a huge support network, here on this site. You are all so open and kind :slight_smile: I think I am coping pretty well considering that my biggest fear in life is to leave my children while they are still little!! I WILL be seen at my surgery tomorrow! It’s a walk-in centre open 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. I’ll sit there all day if I have to!
Gaynor, that’s exactly how I’ve felt, as though I’ve had to hold my breast to alleviate the pain (although it didn’t really). I did feel that leaning forward when standing helped but was highly impractical. My pain has felt like the burning sensation you feel when you have caught your nipple with your fingernail and then having clothes against it.
again ladies, thank you all so much for your advice, making me feel welcome and trying to calm my worries. To those of you waiting like I, I wish you all the luck you’ve wished upon me. To the ladies recieving treatment, I wish you all the best and pray for you to be healthy once more.
lisa xx

Good morning ladies,
just to let you know that I have FINALLY managed to get an appointment with a GP to make my referral. My appointment is for Wednesday morning…
lisa x