how many lumps?


I found a lump last weekend & have been to doc’s who told me to come back in 2 weeks? he didn’t say if it was or wasn’t anything to worry about,
but now i think i have found another lump in the same area. is this normal to have more than one lump or could it be because i keep touching the area & have caused a lump?
i feel really confused, one minute I think it’s nothing the next i think what if it really is something?

also are all cancer lumps round pea like shape? or can it depend? my lump feels about 5mm long but not round

Could very well be hormonal and that is why your doctor has told you to come back in two weeks- to see if there has been any change! If he was at all conscerned he would refer you to your nearest breast clinic without delay.Going on my own experience I felt a thickening rather than a lump - part of my breast felt a lot denser than the rest of it.You’ve done the right thing going to your gp if only to put your mind at rest - which hopefully he’ll do when you go back to see him in a fortnight’s time.
Josie x

hi twinmum
Im going to tell you my experience with going to the docs which of course could be completely different for you- but just in case and he didnt refer you to the clinic for a check if they are still there.
I went to my docs after finding one lump around about august- he told me to go home and see after a month if it was still there- he thought it was hormonal especially with me being young (28). I got a bit obsessed with checking the lump and about three weeks after I thought I could feel a smaller (tiny)lump near the original. My oh told me to go back right away. I saw my doc and he said he could only feel one lump. He asked if I wanted to go to the clinic and told me it would just be a cyst. i said I did want to go. they checked me out and did the biopsy and found two tumors- so it was just as well he did refer me.
I hope your lumps turn out to be absolutely nothing but if there is no change make sure your gp sends you to get them checked out. I think most lumps do turn out to NOT be breast cancer. but when he asked me if I wanted to go…imagine I had said no! Ive now had mastectomy and started chemo.
Let me know how you get on- fingers crossed its absolutely nothing
Yvonne x

thanks guys for your replies. I’m so confused, what really gets me is how he only checked the area i told him about & under my arm pit but didn’t check the other breast so how could he tell if it was hormons. 2 weeks is a long time, there’s a lovely lady doctor i would like to see but i can’t get to see her till 23rd, which is too long to wait, but i was told she is duty doctor this tues so hubby says i should go to see her then.

my doctor did check both breasts but still thought it could be hormonal in the one breast- dont know if that helps. I think I knew something was up as I had never had any hormonal changes any other month and I was checking my lump every day for the slightest change and nothing did. I think the lump can change depending on when you have your period if it is hormonal and thats why they ask you to wait a few weeks.
Even if it is nothing to do with hormones it could be many other things. If your worried though I would go and see the lady doctor on tues- she might tell you the same as your regular doctor but I cant see you have anything to loose by paying her a visit x