How many of your lymph nodes were infected?

Sorry for creating a 3rd thread but I am sat here worrying myself sick about the amount of lymph nodes that were infected.

I had a total of 32 nodes removed and 24 were infected. I haven’t seen anyone on here who has had a higher number than that and it is making me very concerned. Can anyone shed some light on this issue please?

I’m also Grade 3.


Jan x

Jan I’m affraid I am unable to answer your question but i’m sure someone will be along soon to shed some light. If not why not give your bc nurse a ring in the morning or the help line. I’m sure they will be able to answer your questions. Maybe a small glass of wine will help you sleep and then you can get a little peace from all the thoughts running around your head. Thats my trick and it works most times.

take care xx

Hi Jan

I have been thinking about you today…I can remember going with my Mum to get her results. It was not a good day for her so I have an idea what you are going through.

I know you are sat there panicking and scared…now that i have written on here it will bump it back up to the top of the threads and hopefully someone who can give you some advice will pick it up.

Big Hug


Thankyou Jane, I will do that in the morning
Jan xxx

Sam, Thankyou, I hope to get some answers soon.
love Jan xx


All I can tell you is on the day of my surgery I asked “how many lymph nodes does a person have?” the answer I got was “we don’t know”

Does that then mean everyone has a different amount or the surgeons don’t know ?

If the amount varies from person to person it maybe why you cant find anyone with a higher no.than yours.

Can I just say as I was also told “all the cancer is now hopefully in the path labs bucket” its gone now Jan - enjoy that wine!



I had 5 out of 11 infected (no spread) - but when I was in hospital recently the lady in the next bed had been grade 3 and every lymph node infected - bone and ct scans at start and end of treatment indicated no spread. My understanding is the fewer the lymph nodes infected the better, but it is still possible for all nodes to be infected but the cancer not to have spread. For reassurance it may be a good idea to ask for scans. I was sent for some last week, the waiting for the results was the worst part. Fortunately mine were clear - but I was told that even if they hadn’t been there are so many treatment options available now, so try not to worry too much.

Bright x

Binkie, Thanks so much, I am trying to be positive, but it’s so hard. I think it’s usually about 20 lymph nodes most people have. I didn’t think to ask him why I had so many!! yes I must keep saying it’s been taken away, and I must thankyou for your lovely support
Jan xx

I had 19 removed and asked at the time why the funny number, why not 20 or 15, surgeon said everyone doesn’t have the same number. Unfortunately all mine were infected but 2 years down the line still not had chemo and hormone therapy doing the trick.

Try not worry, the glass of wine seems like a good idea.

Take care hun xxx

bright, Thankyou for your message. I am waiting for a bone scan and MRI scan to see if it’s spread. and as you say the waiting is awful. My son say’s I would get a gold medal for worrying so much.
Thankyou again
Jan xx


Thankyou so much for telling me about yourself. Sorry to hear that they were all infected, but it’s good to hear you are doing well.

Was it your choice not to have chemo?

I’m not a wine drinker but a Malibu and Coke might do the trick, im gonna have a nose around my cupboards.

Thanks again

Jan xx

He was right about you getting addicted wasn’t he!!! :slight_smile:

Sam x

yes, but sometimes he still does the typing…like now. Hello everyone, thank you for your support to my mum. It makes me feel a little better knowing you guys are there to support one another.

Jan and Dave (my mum prefers David but ah well)


It might be an idea for us kids…ok, older children to start a thread. I sometimes feel like an intruder on these threads!! Just trying to gain as much info as I can.

Sam x

Hey Jan

Stay positive. Best thing, apart from the Malibu’s of course. And you’ll always get a lift from calling Dave, David, depite his protestations.

Dave, Sam, why not start a thread? As you said Sam, you just need to bump it every so often. I promise I’ll come in and contribute.



Malibu and Coke sounds fine. Hi Dave.

No it was onc who advised. Just realised when read your question typed by Dave that maybe I should have explained properly. Unfortunately my cancer has spread to bones. After mastectomy I was to have chemo (belts and braces), but as cancer had spread onc went down the hormone therapy route as wants to leave chemo as an option further down the line. I don’t know if I should be telling you this, would hate to worry you, but on the other hand it shows how well treatments do work - I feel really well. As has been said on other posts/threads some people have had high number of nodes infected no cancer spread others have had no nodes infected and had a cancer spread. God I hope this isn’t making things worse. The waiting I found was the worst part. Even though my news wasn’t so good, once i knew i could start dealing with it. I dearly hope your news is good, I’m keeping everything crossed for you, except when I need to pur myself another glass of wine, if thats ok.

Take care xxx

Have that Malibu and coke.

HI David!

Good on you for helping your mum - don’t forget to have a drink too!


Sat at work, got a free period(work in a secondry school!!)…just sent my normal morning text to Mum (She lives in Spain) to find out how she is. All I got back was ‘SH*T’. She had her 2nd TAX last weds. Side effects more this time…should we be expecting more each time (2 to go)?

Its sooooooo hard being so far away from her…I just want to be with her through this!!!


Hi samjm, it must be so hard being so far away from your Mum. I am afraid I can’t answer you on the side effects as I have yet to start treatment. Waiting for a bone scan and MRI which is a real worry. Did your Mum have scans done? Been speaking to my son Dave (David) and he said it would be good to start up a thread with you and perhaps get a few others to join in. I know he could do with talking to someone in the same position as you.Mind you he tells me he isn’t that young (27!!!) a lot younger than me. I will get him to sort it soon.
love Jan xx

Hi Lynni, Thanks for your message, it’s actually me typing this today, so please excuse any mistakes I make. Went and saw my GP today, who is lovely and went through breast cancer herself a few years ago.She was quite shocked at my results, but is always so positive She did most of the talking. me I just “blubbed” and kept using her tissue’s. Told me to get one hurdle over at a time, the next being the bone scan and then see what oncology have to say.Got some sleeping tabs and she very reluctantly gave me some diazapam, but to try and get through without them if I can. Again another big thankyou to everyone whose has talked to me over the last few days.
love Jan xx