How many people have had Thyroid problems

I just wondered how many of us have had or still have thyroid problems. I know that that this is part of the endocrine system, i.e. the system of hormone producing glands. Also having read an article about some plastics leeching out hormones in Time magazine recently, I’m just interested.

I had an overactive thyroid back in 2005, which was treated with Carbimazole and then Thyroxin to stablise it and ‘re-train’ it. I was given the all clear but was dx with bc in September 2007.

Have you had anything similar?


Diagnosed over-active thyroid post BC. Had Carbimazole then Radioactive Iodine. Levels dropped, feel awful, but apparantly within “normal”!!!

hi pauline yes i had overactive thyroid 2006
makes you wonder doesn’t it
same as your treatment


i too had overactive…started june 2006 and had carbimazole. back to normal now. diagnosed with BC nov. 2007

I am now 48, dx Dec 07, have had an underactive thyroid since the age of 17. Have just had more blood tests to see if all my BC treatment has affected the dose oif medication I need. I was told as a young woman that my thyroid gland’s “activity” would change at times of hormonal upheaval ie pregnancy and menopause. Of course my chemo and now Tamoxifen appear to have kick-started the menopause so I will have to wait and see.


I was dx with overactive thyroid in Feb 06, then BC in Feb 07. Should have come off thyroid medication in August 07 but was in the middle of chemo at the time. So only came off it last month. Very nervous about a relapse at the moment, as just beginning to feel better all round, and really don’t want to feel ill again.

This is interesting. I am taking part in a Breakthrough Breast Cancer Study - open to anyone including those with dx of bc by the way. They are looking for 100,000 women to take part. As part of the questionnaire there is a question on thyroid problems in the family.

I do not as far as know have it but a strong family link. Grandmother on mother’s side had it and died of cancer of the cervix. Sister has had it since 24 and now 50. She had part of thyroid removed as underactive. Then last ten years developed overactive. Now on tablets for rest of life.

I think I have read somewhere that they seem to think there be a link between bc and thyroid problems.

Very interesting. I was dx with underactive thyroid 3 years ago (am 52 now) and got dx with bc in june this year. I am waiting to see onc, had lumpectomy (tubular) and SNB, and am now waiting for confirmation of treatment (think it is rads and some sort of oral treatment - have hormone + but dont know which ones. Not been through menopause yet - guess thats coming with the treatment - I take 100mg of thyroxine daily. It is def on my list to ask the onc when I get to see him.

Hi everyone! Especially Walton - I thought you were a Facebook fanatic now,lol!!

This is interesting. I had radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer in March 98, then dx with underactive thyroid June 98. Just been dx with BC in July this year, surely this cant all be coincidence.

I take 200mcg per day of Thyroxine and thats for the rest of my life as far as I know.(49 now)


I have an underactive thyroid. Dr’s suspect this dates back to when I gave birth to my son in 2000 although not diagnosed till 2004. Am on 200mcg thyroxine per day. Diag BC April 2007 Am 36 now and also on Tamoxifen and think that I am going through menopause-only one period since last August

I thought some of you might find this BBC item of interest

There is also some interesting information on this site Thyroid Disease Treatments ( omit the www. as this may not be acceptable to the moderators)


Hi All

I had an overactive thyroid in 2001 and was treated with carbimizole and the radioactive iodine. I am now underactive and take thyroxine daily. I was diagnosed this year feb with BC finished treatment now on tamoxifen do you think there is a link?

Kay x

My underactive thyroid (Hashimotos disease) was diagnosed after dx and after taking Arimidex for 3 years. My GP seems to think that there is some sort of link between BC and/or Arimidex. My consultant however thinks that the thyroid problem was pre-dx , going by the size of the benign tumours on my thyroid glands, but does accept that Arimidex may have made it worse. I am now on thyroxine, but can’t get the dosage right. I am either underactive, feel tired , but otherwise ok or get overactive, less tired, but really bad palpiations and feel faint and headachy all the time. Certainly does make you wonder if there is a connection.

I found out I had an underactive thyroid in 2002 and am now on Thyroxine. Was dx with bc in Apr 2007. My mum also has and underactive thyroid but doesn’t have bc (and hopefully won’t get it). It would be very interesting to see if there is a connection.

Me too, DX with underactive thyroid June 06 and BC April 08 xxx

I’ve been really cold ever since my surgery, even when it has been hot and sunny, so they tested my thyroid function and it was at the lowest end of normal. I’ve felt less cold recently (hot flushes taking over as I go through chemo!) so haven’t done anything about it - should I?


oh my on this discussion

I was dx with an underactive thyroid June 2008, am taking thyroxine an DX with BC Dec 2008

someone should study this!

Hi - I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 8 years before diagnosis of BC and have been on thyroxine 100mgs ever since. But bit naughty cos I forget to take it !

Liz xx

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 1993 and with breast cancer ten years later. Now take 150mcg of thyroxine daily. My mother was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid just after me, but didn’t have BC.


Me too girls , underactive, been on thyroxine first, then generic brand , 150mcgs for over 15 years