How many steroids on Docetaxol?

Hi ladies, I’m due to start Docetaxol at the end of the month and wondered how many steroids people are taking and what other meds were prescribed. I was on 4 a day for 3 days with FEC but have been told to now take 2 lots of 4 (8) for 3 days starting the day before Docetaxol which is double compared to FEC. I also took Emend with FEC, do you still take this with Docetaxol? Is there any other meds which I’m likely to need?

Many thanks in advance

Tracy XXX

Hi Tracy

I took 8 tablets on the day before Chemo, then 4 the morning of, 4 that afternoon and 8 the following day. As for anti sickness I only took one drug on the evening of the Chemo and one the next morning. I did still have the other anti sickness drugs, but as I didn’t really have issues with sickness on FEC my oncologist suggested not to take them unless I really needed them!

I would chat things through with your oncologist.

Sal xx

Hi Sal, star as always, thanks for confirming re steroids. There seems to be a few ladies on our Facebook page who have been advised to continuing to take just 4 which seemed strange as I’d been give 8. I just wanted to double check I’d understood the dosage correctly, yours is the same as mine.

Take care

Tracy XXX

Thanks lols, I’ll stock up on brufen and paracetamol ready for those aches :wink:

Many thanks Lola, Imodium added to my list :slight_smile: hope I’m as lucky as you re side effects XXX