How many times can b.c. return

I first had d.s.i.s in 1999 and had a lumpectomy. In October 07 it was discovered that I had another different type of d.c.i.s. in the same breast so I have had a mastectomy. I dont need chemo or rad. as there was no spread and no lymph node involvement.
I saw my oncologist today and he said I will definately get cancer again within 3 years and has advised tamoxifen or Arimadex. I was totally shocked and when I asked him how he could be so sure he said “because it has already returned once” Has anyone else heard of this after a recurrence?
Thanks Lynny

Dear Lynny

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Hi Lynny,

Welcome on board. I’m sure you will get more replies to your post after the weekend but I thought I’d come and say a few words here.

Your onc sounds like a very unhelpful man, I’m afraid. Nobody knows if your cancer will come back or not. I’ve had a recurrence myself and my onc never said anything like this to me. Can you not change oncs? This man is a disgrace to his profession. Don’t let it worry you, Lynny. As I say, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Yes, it’s possible for it to come back, especially if you’ve had one recurrence, but to say that he’s certain it will is absolute nonsense!


Hi Lynny

Wow I am shocked at what your Onc has told you. I have had two primaries in the same breast five years apart. Like you no evidence of spread so no further treatment. I was told the risks of another recurrence were minimal. I would speak to your consultant and ask to change your oncologist as soon as possible.

Good Luck.

Love Cath

Hi Sue & Cath
Thank you both so much for replying to my post it has made me feel a lot better. Since my onc. told me this late on Friday myself and my family have been extremely upset to think that after all we have just been through it will come back so soon. I also forgot to mention that he said when it does come back it will be more aggressive.
I am going to ring my breast nurse tomorrow anmd ask for a second opinion.

Thanks again,
Love Lynny x

I don’t know where he gets the evidence that if it comes back it will be more aggressive. What i’ve read suggests that if you have low grade DCIS if it becomes invasive it does so as low grade invasive cancer - this is because breast cancer is monoclonal i.e. it all comes from a single cell that goes wrong and keeps dividing. So i think your oncologist is just frightening you for nothing. You can get different primary cancers of different grades but these would not be recurrences.