I was wondering if everybody put on weight during their chemo or just me??? I have put on 2 stones during the first 5 months on chemo. I had 6 x FEC first (during this time, I put all this weight on). I had my operation and then after I had 4 x TAX. I did not put any more weight while on TAX, but I could not lose either!!!

I am very worried if ever I will be able to lose all this weight. It make me feel quite depressed that I went from a size 10/12 to a 16! None of my clothes fit and I am determined not to buy any new clothes as I do not want to be this size forever. Doctor also told me that I will not be able to lose weight now as I am starting radiothreapy and once I have my planning done, I cannot loose weight otherwise the machine would not be aligned properly. I have planning on Friday and then on 16th March I start 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

It would be kind of a comfort to know that I am not alone on this subject!


You are not alone, I have put a stone on (6 FEC)and none of my clothes fit, I am also now on Tamoxifen and worried that will make me put even more weight on.

Hi, im appear to be further down the line to you, I finished chemo last Aug and had put about 1st 2lbs on. Like you was not happy with the weight gain, so I joined a slim club and over 4 months I lost the stone, which I was happy with. I was loosing the weight while I was on radiotherepy, and to be honest I never even gave it a thought that the markers could be positioned wrong. I hope this didnt make a difference! PS I have been on Femara (similar to Tamofxn) since October and it hasnt seemed to increase my weight yet… I have my fingers crossed now!.

Good luch loosing the weight when you come to do it, its not rocket science I just cut out the c**p which I was eating an awful lot of while on chemo and opted for a healthier diet. It wasnt instant but it did work, if you really hate the way you look, like I did, then I think that this will drive you to stick at it until you are back to where you want to be.
Ness1. x

I don’t know whether to be worried now… I have one more Tax to go, after having 3x FEC and 2 Tax. I have lost a stone and a half! this could be a lot of things… I was severely sick on FEC and it all happened soon after surgery when I also lost some weight. Maybe it will catch up with me after, but I will do my best to keep it off now. I don’t think the steroids help and my appetite is all over the place, with the taste thing I am living off soup even though I could eat much more, it just can’t bear the taste. I did eat alot before, so maybe with me its just the change in diet thats making me lose it… I don’t know.

Hi Stylish and ladies,
I have just had 2nd of 6 x FEC and from initial meeting with onc where I was weighed I had put on 2kgs before 2nd treatment. I was under the illusion that I might actually lose weight with chemo and some good might come of all this, but typically for me the last thing to go is my appetite! I actually eat quite healthily but have felt that I am more inclined towards comfort foods-that plus not working and little exercise…!
I do get a bit down about the prospect of putting on more weight but I also feel that it is just one thing too far to worry about on top of everything else so will try to be sensible and tackle it when all this nonsense is finished…watch this space!
Take care all,
Lyn x

Hi All

Like Mandy I lost about one and a half stone during chemo. I was ok but everything tasted so awful I didn’t eat much. I can’t imagine how anyone can eat enough to pile on weight! Sorry. Now 18 months on and still haven’t put it back. I count it as one of the only good side effects. Went from a size 12/14 to a stable 10. Mind you, M and S are very generous!


Like some of the others,I have lost about 5lbs since I was diagnosed in November. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to lose weight as I only weighed just over 8stone anyway. Dietician gave me some suggestions for putting weight on, but with taste buds not very good it’s proving very difficult and having a day like today with no energy, dizziness and sickness it’s very hard to eat.
Hope tomorrow will be better.

You’re definitely not alone Stylish…I had my 4th and final epi yesterday and start CMF in 3 weeks time…I’ve put on a stone since starting in December…i’m not really surprised though as I’ve been ravenous all the way through it…I really have been eating like a horse…but no more…all the Christmas junk is gone…and when I’m ravenous now it’s going to be healthy stuff…I can’t afford to put on any more weight…my youngest gets married in August and if I keep going the way I have been I’ll be the size of a bus!

I also thought chemo was going to be my diet of 2009…was really surprised to read the stats about how many people put on weight with it…I’m also getting 5 weeks of radio after the chemo and it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be able to lose weight during radio…I’d best get this weight off before my rads then

Good luck everyone

Linda xx

Thanks ladies for all your replies, it did actually make me feel much better, although some of you are luckier to lose not to put!

My problem is that I start radio soon and I will not be able to diet…so I have to wait until end of April.

Never mind, I was a member of Weight Watchers before and I manage to lose a stone in 4 months, so I am hoping that I will do the same this time.

Good luck to all of you…


Hi only started chemo last week. I thought i wouldnt be able to eat but have felt hungry all the time and have been eating everything in sight. I have been going for long walks too so not all bad. I am big anyway and dont want to put any weight on. i might follow slimming world diet which at least allows u to indulge your appetite healthily. I have put on four pounds since mastectomy which i had lost immediately after. That was at beginning of January.

Hi - I had chemo from August - December 2007 and put on 2stone. Couldn’t believe it. I didn’t really eat excessively and was told it was the steroids. I am trying hard to get rid of it but finding it won’t move. I am on Herceptin with only one to go so I am hoping it will start shifting when I have stopped that !

Liz x

Hi Ladies

I have had 4 of my 6 x FEC and have put on around 9 pounds. I hate how I look and feel and spoke to the oncologist and he said it was the FEC and the steriods they put in prior to chemo. He said most of it was water retention and would go once the chemo ended. I hope so but I also plan to lose weight whilst i’m having radiotherapy and if it affects the mark on the skin, they have to measure me up again!! If I lost weight through stress or something they would have to adjust it. Plus once the chemo is over I will be more active so the weight will hopefully fall off then…fingers crossed!!

Take care

Thank goodness I’m not alone.
I put on a stone with chemo. I’m usually very healthy but on chemo I didn’t do any exercise and craved comfort foods - mostly scotch eggs and mars bars which I wouldn’t normally touch. I had a horrible taste in my mouth and would eat sweet foods to try and combat it.
I’ve been trying to lose it and so far have lose 2 lbs in 3 weeks. Very slow but at least it’s moving. I’m trying to exercise most days, either swimming, cycling or gentle jogging (once round the block is my limit)
I’ve got a ski holiday booked for April so the incentive is there. I need to fit into my ski trousers.
Off for lunch now - Ryvita, cottage cheese and fruit!

I put on just over a stone, its moving but really slow, have shifted 7lb since 6th Jan, doing slimming world and trying to be more active although still ache a bit so some days less active than others. I was told those than put weight on generally have a better outlook so not too depressing after all if its true !

I know I put on at least a stone. I put it down to all the biscuits! I went off chocolate because it tasted like grease but biscuits on the other hand had a good crunch so I sat around eating them. I am hoping to swim and walk a bit more to get down clothes sizes otherwise I may have to resort to getting old maternity clothes out of the loft to increase the amount of things that fit me! Only joking may need to get enough energy for clothes shopping.

Seems like we are all different doesn’t it? I lost a stone during my first lot of chemo- 4 lots of FEC( I was on the Tact 2 trial).I couldn’t taste a thing and so stuck to low calorie and healthy food just to make sure I got the right nutrition. Once I was on the second lot of chemo Xeloda my taste buds recovered and so I ate for England and quickly put it all back on again along with a bit more! I am now on Tamoxifen and am losing weight slowly. In my case I am sure it is down to what I put in my mouth…normally quite a lot - can’t help it I just enjoy food.

Have finished my chemo more than a month ago, I cannot see any of the weight shifting…I do not know what I will need to do…!!! I started radio yesterday and I feel really tired…I did not know that the side effect would kick in so soon…

Well, maybe after radio I join Weight Watchers…

Loosing weight and getting fit is in my future plan :slight_smile:
Everything seems to taste like cardboard, even not eating tastes like cardboard! Not that I ate cardboard at anytime in my life before chemo :slight_smile: