How often are you ment to see a consultant?

HJimmy mum was diagnosed with bc around may 13, basically to ccuts long story short the cancer actually ate away at all her breast tissue and is just an open wound now, they think she had it for around 6 yrs and just gone into denial, anyway she won’t tell me anything, she had a 10 day course of radiotherapy and is in tamoxifen, she’s refused chemo! But sea telling me she only needs Hersey her consultant every 6 months, now I’m not stupid, this can’t be right surely?? Anyone shed any light? Xx

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Hi mrssully
I’m so sorry to hear your mum’s story. She must have been as scared as h**l. Under normal circumstances, you would certainly see your consultant more often than 6 months. I can only tell you my own experiences. I had chemo, and saw the oncologist ever third week. I haven’t had radiotherapy, so can’t answer about that. But am now on Anastrazole and tomorrow I am having my 3rd appointment with her since finishing chemo at the end of May. If your mum has a breast care nurse, perhaps you could ring her and find out what is going on.

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Will they they speak to me though? I feel so helpless she’s obviously in denial ah is a homeopath and has Tryed to self treat herself which obviously hasn’t worked, she moved to Ibiza just after her diagnosis so doesn’t habe a nurse over there she is back tomorrow and is going to an alternative therapist, I just wish she would be sensible and take what she’s offered x


I finished chemo June 26, and had my last appointment with the oncologist about three weeks later. Now I am having radiotherapy, but I have been told that I won’t see my oncologist again for 6 months, and then will be seen by her every six months, so perhaps this is the norm?

In your mother’s case I should have thought that somebody should be following her more closely if she still has open wounds, otherwise I suppose 6 months is ok if she is no longer having any active treatment?

Unfortunately it is her prerogative to decline treatment or go to a snake oil specialist or whomever, despite how ridiculous it may seem to you. You could try talking to the breast health clinic or her oncologist though … nothing ventured, nothing gained!

It must be a horribly difficult time for you and those who love her! :frowning: