How often do you have your sleeve checked?

Hi all,

Just wandered how often anybody has their sleeve checked to see if it’s still the right size?

I have had my sleeve since December, and in the last few weeks I have found its getting looser and doesn’t feel like it’s doing much anymore! I’m hoping that’s because the swelling has reduced! Seeing nurse tomorrow, to be remeasured. But just wandered if anyone has gone down a size since wearing their sleeve?

How often should they be replaced? I wear mine everyday, but have 2 so wear them every other day! If that makes sense! ?

Thanks Sal xxx

Hi Nanny Sal,

I get a check up every 6 months. I hope your sleeve feels roomier because your swelling is less
However, I find the sleeves lose their elastic do they need replacing every 6 months - if worn daily. It’s a bit excruciating at first as the new sleeve feels extra tight but on the other hand it looks nice and new.
Good luck tomorrow, Rattles x