How often should we have CT scans with MBC

Hi wonderful people

How often should we be scanned ? I have Lung mets on Letrazole and Ibrance, 1st scan in June following diagnosis showed great improvement, but not had one since and there isnt one booked 

I did contact my Oncs secretary in October, have phoned her, he has been away for a month. Due to see him on December 10th, but she is saying it will need to be put back now :smileysad:

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Hello Annigogo…


when I was first diagnosed with secondaries in bones and peritoneum the Onc told me that I would be scanned every six months.  I was put on Letrozole and Zometa.

The next scan was after 6 months and then there was a break of 15 months which made me a bit anxious.  When I asked him why he said that in my case the TMs are a very good indicator so scans not needed so often.  When they started to rise last year he did a scan and things were progressing a bit.  I have changed treatment a couple of times and am now on Capecitibane.  I am now having scans about every three to four months…due one just after Christmas 

Do they tell you your TM readings…that could perhaps be the reason why, I would ask your Onc when you see him next.


take care and all the best 


I am so pleased this question has been asked. My scan in July showed my chest and right lung were now clear, had another scan a few weeks ago and results are the same which is fantastic. Now they don’t  need to see me until after my next BC check up which is nearly a year away. I Should be happy  that I am currently No Evidence of Disease, and I am, but lack of scan is scary.