How painful is a lumpectomy

Hi Gillmc

They have told me there is no lymph node involvement. I see on my notes the size of the lump is 3.6cm but dont know if that is all ‘c’ or just part. I have been told it is early though.


I think the reason they’ve gone for chemo is the size of the lump and your age, plus the fact your mother has had breast cancer too is probably a factor. But I’d ask the oncologist to explain the reasoning. Everyone now has treatment tailored to their individual circumstances but it’s nice to know the reasoning behind it


Hi Chrissie, thanks a million for that info it is really helpful more info to bombard my bc nurse with tomorrow.

Thanks Mole, I thought I had done research but you know your stuff. xx are you medically trained?

I have read the NICE guidelines and for a invasive grade 2, 2.2 cm lump they recommend chemo!!! I am only 45 and want everything to increase my chances of not getting a relapse.

I have had bad history of bc within my close friends and I want to give myself the best chance of beating it, i know there are no guarrentees.

lol GillMc xx

Hey ladies,

Well the lakes were lovely, very relaxing and managed to find a lovely garnet necklace and bracelet for my best friends 40th birthday in Ambleside. I was determined to get it before I started with the hospital. Her birthday is the 21st January and I wasnt too sure if I will be ok for shopping or not.

I saw my consultant on Friday before the trip to Windermere who drew where my scar is coing to be and discussed how much is going to be gone. Very reassured its going to look a bit strange but worse things happen. They had to take more blood it appears I have some anti bodies they need to cross match just in case I need a transfusion. Only problem is my veins really dont want to give up my blood. They struggled with the first lot on Wednesday so have bruises on both arms already. They ended up getting the chemo nurse to find a vein that would bleed, and ended up getting it from just below my index finger knuckle!!!

Thank you all for they lovely messages. I will be back on the flip side.

Love and luck to all
Shonagh xx

Sorry to hog the thread but just just got to get this off my chest…ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!. Telephoned the hospital this morning to find out where my bed is. Check in today at 4pm. All sorted was on my mobile to Mum telling where I was and the land line rang. My surgeon has a cold. I now have to race up to the hospital at 4pm today to meet the new surgeon and I am re sheduled for Wednesday. I know I should be grateful its only one extra day but I was all geared up for admittance today op tomorrow. If it was a basic lumpectomy I think I may have been fine but losing the nipple is proving quite emotional and I cant believe how upset I am!!!

Sorry for going on but **!!!%£^&* to it all.

Shonagh xx

i don’t blame you for being fed up. My last op (day surgery) was cancelled at the last moment due to a faulty ventilator in the operating theatre. I’d had to get up at 6 am to eat breakfast so I hadn’t eaten anything close to the time of surgery (scheduled for the afternoon). I said thanks a million when they rang me at work at 8.45 am to cancel it.

Still at least you won’t catch your surgeon’s cold


custard, sorry to hear your op has been cancelled, mine is still on for the 10 so far, best wishes for you on the 9 and I am sure that everything will go as planned this time.


My lumpectomy was painless …from the biopsy to the op…no probs…wish you all the best Thialoz x

Hi Debra.
I had a lumpectomy middle of Aug. last year. returned from theatre at 2.00pm, no pain, just starving and thirsty. Went home at 7.00pm same day. They gave me pain killers to take with me, but haven,t needed to open the boxes, as have had no pain whatsoever, just a little tenderness. back to normal now, so don,t be scared, e/one is different.

Good luck and best wishes xxxx

Hi all,

Debra: Not sure when you have got your op so this may be too late but I came home yesterday (same day as the op) my WLE doesnt hurt at all I had to have the nipple flipped up and sewn back on do not sure if the nerves have gone so thats why no pain but so far so good. I’ll be honest, my armpit from the nodes dye and removal is tender, kind of like tooth ache in my armpit but Thialoz is right the thirst is worse. I went down first at about 8.30am back on the ward by 11am and was allowed to stay as long as I wanted but they were happy to discharge me if I felt OK so off I went at 7.30pm. Be prepared for the blue boob and when you go to the toilet its like Bloo Loo but mine is more like aqua marine now.

My throat is really sore but at least I am home and got a good nights sleep. Off for another doze and being pampered by the Hubby.

Hope all goes well and just give a shout if you want to know more details. Fingers crossed for Tuesday for the results as I still may have to have another op to remove the nipple after all if ther isnt a clear margin but you never know.

Love and luck to all
Shonagh xx

Hi Shonagh

Hope you dont mind me butting in just wanted to ask you a few questions. I am going in on 1st feb for more tissue to be removed where a lump was removed and found to be cancerous. They are also going to take approx 4 nodes to check if cancer has spread.

Did you have a dye test to see how many nodes could possibly be affected? Is that standard practice in NHS hospitals and are you getting your results this coming tuesday for the lymph nodes and clear margins? I know everyone is different but still in learning process as only just been diagnosed.

Good luck and keep well enjoy that pampering from Hubby…cor I wish I had rested and been pampered more when I had my lump removed but then we were all led to believe it was benign so I just got on as normal…!!!


Paula x

Hi Paula,

No problem at all, I found a lump on the 10th Dec in my left breast, went to my GP and was booked in for mammogram on the 17th Dec the lump in my left breast turned out to be a cyst they drained there and then but they found a lump in my right breast as they mammogrammed both sides. They did a core biopsy there and then and I got the results on 24th(I did ask for it as soon as possible as the worry was driving me mad) it came back as invasive ductal tumour 1.3cm grade one so they booked me in for surgery there and then. They did a lumpectomy which I was supposed to lose my nipple in but they changed my surgeon as the original one was ill and I ended up with the oncoplastic surgeon(who found it in the first place) who said he would try to save the nipple if he could. They did the blue dye thing and removed a couple of nodes to test for spread into the lymph glands. It sounds like you will be having the same as I had yesterday but in two stages as they have already taken the lump expecting it to be clear so your next op will be the blue dye bit.

I’m really not sure about what level of care is classed as normal. I have been told that I will get my nodes results on Tuesday and they will know whether they need to go back to remove the nipple and more tissue or not (it was right on the edge of the bottom of the nipple but not attached) and also discuss my treatment plan, chemo, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, herceptin etc. My appointment is with the surgeon and breast nurse and to have dressings removed.

I must admit reading other peoples comments on the forums it seems that some peple seem to have a long time to wait for appointments, surgery dates etc, if you look at diagnosed on xmas eve thread there is another lady diagnosed on the same day as me and she is still a week away from an appointment with the consultant never mind an operation date so I think my hospital and doctors just seem to deal with things very quickly. Its Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport and they have a specialist cancer clinic called the Bobby Moore Centre so I dont know if that has anything to do with it??? I have even changed GP’s in the middle of this as we moved over a year ago to out of the area but I still work in Stockport so stayed with my GP but as I may have needed emergency call out had to change to my local doctors in Middlewich as its 30 miles away from Stockport. It does mean a bit of travelling but it seems from other ladies comments I seem to be being dealt with very quickly so am more than happy to travel.

My two breast cancer nurses, Debbie and Sue have been excellent and as per my previous posting they even rang me at home today to make sure I was OK and to make sure I knew where to contact in the case of an emergency.

From what you have said if they have removed the lump already they should know the grade of tumour, if it is ductal or lobular, invasive or not, whether it is hormone receptive and how aggressive it is etc as they told me all that from just the core biopsy done on the 17th Dec. They are checking for clearance of nodes, clear margins and HER2 receptors from my actual WLE and node removal.

I hope this has not thrown too much information at you and yes you should have rested more after the removal of the lump. When you have your blue dye and nodes removed make sure you rest. It makes your armpit ache like toothache and is uncomfotable rather than painful but I have been given a 3 week sick note from the surgeon so make sure you take it easy. I may be home but I feel completely wiped out. A bit like a hangover and flu without the headache and snotty nose.

Take care of yourself and anything else you would like to know just ask I will help if I can.

Love and Luck Shonagh xx

Hi to you all

Arrived back home around 4.30 pm today, my op went well yesterday and they have removed the lump and taken 5 nodes will get the results of these on the 23 January, they can then tell me the grade of the cancer as this is not known yet and if it has spread to my nodes if it has I will have to have them all removed.

I have to say that I did have a little pain when I woke up after the operation but not that bad and I was so hungry and thirsty just like the others have said, the pain is not that bad at the moment and I to had the blue dye in my nipple but I have had no side affects from this apart from my nipple is still a little blue. I have been sent home with pain killers but I have so far not needed them althought the breast nurse has advised I use them before doing my exercises as it will help with the pain.

Best of luck to all of you and thanks for all your help of to bed now as I am very tired


Hi to everyone and welcome home Debra just came upstairs to read some inspirational comments. I am having a bit of a low day today. Had no sleep last night and having to fend off sweet but unwanted attention from my normally unworried mum. Insisting on ringing every day and wants to visit on Sunday. I am in such a fowl mood I’m sure to upset her.

I just want some space until Tuesday when I get the results but apparently my needs dont come into it and her need to see me over-rides anything. I have warned her I’m not good company but she said she isnt expecting to be entertained though I’m not sure she understands just quite how monosylabic I have become. Luckily Phil understands me completely and has just made sure I am watered and fed and comfortable and left me to it. He is such a sweetie. Its times like this I realise how glad I am he took me on.

Well Debra I really hope you are feeling better in the morning be prepared for the blue body products too and its not just your pee!!!
Sorry to be so grumpy today. I’m hoping with a decent nights sleep I will be brighter tomorrow.

Night to all and love and luck. Shonagh xx


I to am now thinking about the results day and what that will bring but I am thinking postive as that is how I am getting by each day, you are entitled to have bad days, I have had lots of visitors and they all keep saying how well I look but you are right you do need the space and I am furtunate that my sons are giving me the space I need, so far the pain has been ok but I am very tired but I did lose a lot of blood during the op so I think it may be why I am so tired, still no side effects from the dye yet so hopefully I wont have any now.

Shonagh I wish you all the best for Tuesday let us know what the outcome is and we will be here for you. I have so say thanks to everyone on G2 at the hallamshire hospital in Sheffield you do a great job and I am sure you dont get the priase you deserve.

Well of to my mums for sunday dinner

Stay postive easy to say I know but us women are strong

Debra xxx

Good luck with all your results up and coming up especialy you Shonagh for todayxxalice

Gulp!!! Its Tuesday.Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Will be in touch later to let you know

love and luck to everyone Shonagh xxx

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know my margins and nodes came back clear. We have to wait for treatment programme until next week but Woo Hoo!!

Shonagh xx

Excellent : )


Thats great news.