How painful is a lumpectomy

Brilliant news thanks for sharing it with us

Thanks to all of you,

I have come down to earth now and am back to the just waiting for a week game. Is it just me or are we all just waiting for news in about a weeks time All The Time!!!.
I get the news on my treatment programme on Monday. Sue and Debbie my BC nurses are going to ring me and I have an appointment with the oncologist on the 28th.

Right thats the medical update now here is a question…does anyone have a web address or book title where I can find out what foods are OK. I have been following another thread and a lady who has similar to me grade 2 ductal invasive no node involvement but oestrogen & progesterone positive has read somewhere broccolli can increase oestrogen. I’m confused as I thought leafy and green were good against cancer bogie men. HELP!!! dazed and confused.

Shonagh xx