how quickly does hair grow back after taxotere?

Hi all,
this is the first question i have asked but have found reading everyones comments and tips so helpful the past few months, its so nice to be able to find the answers to so many questions that are going round in my head.
i have had 3 fec & a week past 1st taxotere, i have heard that some people may get hair regrowth whist still on tax has this happened to any one? if so when did it start, if not when is it likely to start regrowing after finishing treatment?
i have used the cold cap with some success have 50% of my hair ,it thin but hair , but have a bold patch on middle of my head, luckily i didn’t cut my hair short & its in a bob so can cover the bold area with clipping back front of my hair , its getting increasingly difficult to cover as it gets thinner but am hoping it will last the distance!!
any help would be greatly appreciated,

Fi xxxxx

Hi Fi,
I had 4xFEC and 4x Taxol.My hair was very thick and waistlength and I cut it to mid back.It thinned out a bit on FEC and I had a small bald patch on top were the cold cap wouldnt quite fit down on my head.The chemo nurses couldn’t beleave how much hair I’d kept - until the Taxol (which was a different story)…Good luck! If it’s any consolation though - I had a full head of hair again in no time!

Josie xx

hi Josie,
Great to hear your hair came back quickly, oh well if it does go at least i have had the last few months with hair, so the cold cap is def worth it for that.the chemo nurses are supprised with me too, don’t think they get many people trying the cold cap, but that might have something to do with them telling everyone it won’t work, well i think you don’t know till you try, and am def pleased so far.
is it doxetaxel ( taxotere) you had or taxol (paxotol) don’t think i have spelt that right!

thanks Fi xx

Hello Fi, in answer to your question how quickly does hair grow back after taxotere? the answer is ‘sometimes never’, dont want to scare you but women need to realise it is a possibilty and the makers of Taxatere are not disclosing it and are lying about the amount of women its happening to.
As you can tell, i am angry as its happened to me.Hopefully it wont happen to you.

ps- i would like to add that i do have a letter from them in which they admit it can happen.

Hi Fi,

I had 4 x FEC & 4 x Taxotere, last one being 14 September. I now have a very thick but short covering of hair. It is much thicker than before. I am still wearing scarves whilst out & about as I feel it is not quite long enough yet to go public with, but I don’t bother with family & friends.

Will you have herceptin? Although the medics will not agree with me, it seems to me that for those of us on herceptin, our hair is growing back more slowly.

Hello Fi, It was Taxol I was on. I was warned by the onc when he seen I still had a good head of hair after FEC that it would all come out on the Taxol - and he was right!Thankfully I didnt need to wear my wig until six weeks before the end of chemo as we had a very hot summer that year! No trouble with it growing back though. It was so thick and healthy I was told I could dye it after just six weeks- and I’ve been dyeing it ever since! I find Naturtint really good as not only is it resorcinol free but it completely covers the greys and leaves my hair in really good condition and after 3+ years its way down my back! As my tumour was triple neg I’m not on any medication maybe thats something to do with it making up for lost time!!..Good luck with the cold cap- I’d hang on in there!

Josie xx

Pineapple, really really sorry to hear that has happened to you, like you say they don’t tell you that possibility when you start having all this done to you.

Hi roadRunner, no i don’t need herceptin, just tamoxofen after for 5 years. sounds like your hair started growing back quite soon after ,thats good, hopefully soon you will be able to go with out the scarf.

hi josie, thanks for the tip on hairdye, sounds like when hopefully it does grow back it will be grey, if i keep what i have got left would look very strange indead with a grey round patch in the middle. i will keep on with the cold cap & fingers crossed it lasts!

thanks for all your replies Fi xx


I finished chemo on 21st December (Taxotere) my hair is coming through quite evenly at the back but is a bit patchy on top and at the sides, although I can feel ‘bristles’ amongst the fluff I have at the moment. I know everyone is different, but what seems to be the average amount of time before hair comes back more evenly?

My eyebrows and eyelashed are still a bit sparse as well, I was wondering if my age has anything to do with it (I’m 46) or am I worrying too soon and grasping at straws?!

Your help and advice is much appreciated as usual, ladies!

All the best to you all,

Tracy xxx

Hi Tracey,

My hair came back patchy at first too, which worried me, but after a few weeks it started to thicken up & everyone who has seen my new hair comments on how thick it looks.

I have just started going without my scarf (yesterday was my first day at work but I had not been bothering for a couple of weeks with friends), although I have hats for outdoors as it is very cold with such short hair! Don’t know how men manage it. My last chemo was 14 September.

My eye lashes & eyebrows have been back to normal for maybe a couple of months now. I am 45.

Hi all

It is very interesting reading these comments as I have just completed 3 xFEC and 3 x TAX and my hair started growing back after the 2nd TAX. I lost all my hair straight after the 1st FEC and had just bumfluff left but now there are definite strands longer than others and my even my husband has commented that is it looking thicker.

The really odd thing about all of this is that my eyebrows and eyelashes are still coming out - wierd or what!

Take care everyone

Caroline x

Hi all,

I had 4 x FEC and 4 x Taxotere. My last dose of Tax was on 1st November. My hair started to return as soon as I stopped the FEC and has been growing ever since. I completely lost my brows and lashes on the Tax though.

My hair was patchy when it first came through, but I have almost a full covering now (front bits are still “growing in”), in fact I had it trimmed for the first time this week, just to give it a little shape. I suppose it was about and inch and a half to 2 inches long. Unfortunately it has come back very grey.

My eyebrows started to come back about 3 weeks ago, at first I noticed a slight shadow and then within a fortnight they were back! Eyelashes have begun to appear recently but are still rather short. Leg hair came back with a vengeance recently, and other body hair is sprouting too!

I am 58, and have just started Arimidex, I will be starting Herceptin within a few weeks.


Hi Ladies,

Thanks for all your help - I feel a lot better now!

Here’s to me looking like Rapunzel by the end of the year!!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Tracy xxxx

Hi I had 3 x Fec and 3 x Taxotere
Lost all my hair whilst on Fec but it started growing back after my second tax. I finished Taxotere in September 2007
Now have a good crop of hair and just about to go off for my second hair cut

HI , for those that lots their lashes/brows on the tax do you remember when that happened ?
Also did anyone keep them on tax.

I had my 2nd tax on wed and things are looking patchy but can still get away with pencilling in bits on the brows. Eyelashes are looking sparse but still have a fair few. Funny how I’m noticing everyones eyelashes now.
Cally x

I can’t remember when i lost my lashes/brows on fec and tax, but the eyelashes have come back now, (last tax Aug 07) eyebrows still a bit sparse at the moment. i’m on tamoxofen and my hair is growing back, but no need for a hair cut yet.

HI , did you lose your brows/lashes completely ?