how soon after radiotherapy can you go abroad?

Hi just wondered if there is a time limit after finishing radiotherapy that you can go abroad? i have already had to cancel visit to my dad who now lives in spain after being diagnosed with bc in Jan 08.

I am due to have rads ? july/ aug just in time for the kids summer hols ( what a nightmare) Any one know if you can put off rads for a couple of weeks as i am going to have trouble with childcare, plus the kids wiill not have much of a summer hol otherwise.

Regards all

Hi Sarah

I too am due to start rads slap bang in the middle of the school holidays I have spoken to bcn whose says that it shouldnt be a problem to delay it but as Ive got chemo on friday I will be checking with onc.

Not sure about the travelling abrout but Im sure someone on here will let you know. Will report back on friday just to let you know what my onc says.




Hi Sarah Cannot answer your question ‘Sorry’ but whilst on the subject of radiotheraphy I am due for mine about July time (5wks) my question is will I be able to see my baby grandaughter whislt having radio???

Hi Corsa

When you have radiotherapy you are not radioactive in any way unless you are having internal radiotherapy (where they insert radioactive materials for slow release) so will be perfectly safe to see anyone. Its like having an xray. As soon as the xray has been done, the harmful bit has gone. There is lots about safety etc on Cancer Research website.


Hi Corsa

Just found that link to cancer research website for you. I read it again and it definitely says you are perfectly safe to be with anyone, including young children.

I am starting Radiotherapy for 5 weeks on 15th May, finishing on 20th June. I am off to Portugal on 21st June! My radiotherapist knows and has no problem at all , just said to be careful not to get burnt generally and keep the breast area well covered. He did also say we could defer the radiotherapy but I was keen to get it over with and to go on my holidays with chemo and rodiotherapy done with.

Hi Sarah,

I had my last rads on 11 Jan 07 and flew out on holiday on 28 Jan 07. Did check with my onc on my last rads session as had a clinic with him that day that it was ok to go on hols. He gave me extra aquaeous cream (and another steroid based one but can’t remember name) in case I needed it plus a letter outlining where I was up to with my treatment in case I needed it for hospital treatment abroad, which thankfully I didn’t. Love xxxx

HI Sarah

I’ve got my last rads on April 15th and go to Madeira on the 21st, as its been said above above I did ask if this was ok and was told fine as long as I cover up. I will ask for any creams they can give me, just in case. Booked the hol for our silver anniv so really didn’t want to cancel, it will also celebrate the end of treatment, apart from the Tamoxifen.

Take care xxxxxxx

I’m nearly 10 months after finishing my rads, but still having Herceptin until june 08, I went on a sunny hols in Feb was still a little cautious in the sun but was fine, I went back to work whilst having rads, you do feel fine maybe a little tired due to the every day visits to hosp, but you should be fine to look after children & go on hols, make sure you enjoy it. Good luck

Hi all

I too holidayed soon after rads with no problem. Have you asked your Onc if you could bring your rads forward rather than put them back. As I was well on chemo my onc agreed to overlap on the last two treatments so my rads and chemo finished at the same time.

Not all chemos are suitable ( I had EPI/CMF) but it is always worth asking - I also suffered no side effects other than burning to skin which cleared up very quickly.

Good luck

Jan xx

I flew to Australia 5 days after finising rads with the complete approval of my onc. I was warned they would have to pour me on the plane as I would be so tired at the end of chemo followed by surgery followed by rads and they were right. What I did was ask for wheelchair assistance from my airline as airports are big places and need a lot of walking. It was excellent and took a weight off my mind as I was travelling alone so had no-one to help me if I got tired

Good luck

Sharon x

My friends husband had his 30th rads session and flew to Barcelona 2 days later… his oncologist and radiotherapist knew about it and were fine with it. He was advised to be careful regarding sun exposure and to use high-factor sun cream.

I flew out to Greece for my daughters wedding 2 weeks after finishing 25 rads and 4 boosters, i took plenty of cream with me and had to stay in the shade, was also told NOT to go into the water, having said that, i made up for it at night when it was a Lot cooler !!!

Hi Sarah

Back from hospital but didnt get to see Onc really busy in clinic but have an appointment to see her next time - not for 3 weeks though. The chemo nurse said he didnt see that it would be a problem to delay it and would give me a better chance of recovering from the chemo.

Hope that helps


I think the main thing is to protect your skin from the sun if you are going somewhere hot and make sure you use a really high factor suntan cream and not sit in direct sunlight.

I went 3 weeks after my initial lot of radiotherapy to Cyprus and didn’t have any problems, just felt a bit tired after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy but was careful to cover up.