how soon for side effects?

Half way through rads and, fingers crossed, no soreness yet. When have others started to get side effects?

Hi Smiler, just a hello really because I am only on 4th of 15 rads. But, I am so tired not sleepy tired but more can’t get up and about. I wonder if this is only because of daily travelling to hospital after being immobile for many months. Are you tired?

Hi, I was tired on friday after 5 days of to and from hospital, not too bad so far this wk but still 2 more sessions before the weekend break! Hope your treatment goes well.

Hi Smiler

I had 29 rads 25 of which were to 4 target areas and the final 4 were boosters just to the tumor site. I finished at the end of April. Mine started on a Tuesday so had 4 the 1st week - the following week they were off on the Monday for maintenance so again 4 sessions in the 2nd week. I had a little tingly feeling by the end of the 2nd week (so 8 sessions in) but that calmed down over the weekend. week 3 was a full 5 sessions and again I was a little tingly by the end of it but still not bad … during week 4 I started to go a bit pink but used the aqueous cream as issued by the rads unit - skin held up very well but gradually went from pink to red… I was getting quite smug by the end of week 6 thinking I was getting away without my skin spliiting, then on the Sunday (the day before session 28) the skin on my collarbone started to break down, the following day the skin in the crease at my armpit joined in… but still nothing major and the skin care nurse applied intrasite gel and non-adhesive dressings, this continued for a week and after that I was fine… just very red and advised to continue with the aqueous cream. Also from about week 3-4 I started getting stabbing pains and my boob was rock hard … the pain in my arm that I had suffered post-surgery also returned, a combination of the tissues being aggrevated by the rads and the arms above the head position.

Tiredness was also a problem from about week 3 … I think part of this was cos I was determined to continue working so was in the office from 8am up to about 2.30 then an hours travel to the hospital and then back again. I don’t have little kids so was able to come in and go for a nap if I needed it.

Skin continued to be bright red for about 3 weeks after rads - but did then start to go brown, very much like a sun tan. I get the occassional stabbing pain now but not nearly as much as during and immediately after rads. I still also get tired some days but I am just sensible about bedtime.

Good luck with the rest of your rads - how many sessions are you getting?

Hi Smiler,

I’m now on second week of rads and they want me out of my bra! They say it’s marking me but it fits well, I have been measured properly and it’s one of lillacbushes recom soft bras. I don’t feel or look sore, just hot in that boob at night. I’m creaming well so I don’t really get the problem. I’m only having 20 blasts.

Margaret I’ve just got rid of the sleeping tabs as I sleep 7-8hrs a night now since starting rads. Not back at work yet. Maybe you’ve had a long haul through all this.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m having 20 sessions and had 10 so far. No-one mentioned about going without a bra! Think I’d find that difficult clothing wise!
Good luck with rest of treatment.

Hi smiler,

Have been smug and said that I had despensed with sleeping tabs, I had the most awful night last. Boob throbbed and ached and had to take pain killers at 3am. Radiographers said that it could be the collection of fluid behind my scar that was causing it and that I could see the onc but I think it must just be me. Haven’t got rid of the bra though!! More comfortable with it on than off. Rads place closed down tomorrow so have a long weekend.
Hope everyone else is ok.