how soon ?

hello ladies , hope you are all well and happy today (under the circumstances ) , well had my wle and snb on friday , today is probably the 1st day i have got up feeling "normal " and not exhausted , all went well i believe other than my reaction to co-diadromol which sent my blood pressure plummeting and me in a drugged up state ! sorted quickly tho , what i would like to know is it ok to be doing household jobs now - washing ironing , vacuuming etc , unfortunatly my right side is affected and i am right handed , just want to know how much is ok really , doing my exercises regulary with no real problems , thank you xxx

Hi Trish,

I think the answer is do as much as you feel you can manage as everyone is different.

I had my wle/Snb on Xmas eve, went in the morning out at teatime & came home & was hovering, washing floors, wrapping pressies for 4 kids etc the same day & then cooked dinner for 12 next day although my husband did the lifting of turkey in & out of oven.

I was fine on the above & suffered no probs but as i said everyone is different so go with what is ok for you, if it hurts dont do it & if you are tired STOP.

did it lol , hoovered . polished , washed , mopped , feel so much better now it`s done , dont get me wrong mal and my daughter so good but noone does it like me ! i must admit been surprised by the length of the cut under my arm , it reaches almost my breast cut , changed the dressings after my bath last night as got them wet , look to be healing well and i can take dressings off tomorrow ,results and treatment to follow , all fingers crossed they got the bugger ! xxx

I’m 2 weeks post wle and snb and although I’ve felt a little ‘pulling’ in my arm and boob like you I have been doing household jobs. I noticed last night that I’ve come out in a huge bruise on my boob,it might be the normal heeling process or I might have overdone it a bit. I guess I might need to take it a bit easier for a few days.
Jane x

hi janeruth , yes i too have one huge bruise on the affected breasr and terrible bruising to right of snb removal , i reckon they had game of football with me whilst i was under with me being used as the ball !! my wee is now normal , dont think my other half was too impressed when i made him come into hospital toilet to see what i`d passed lol , when are your results due jane ? hospital called me today to say wed 22nd for mine xxx

Hi, I had my WLE/SNb on Monday. I react badly to anesthetics so was ill all Monday night and most of yesterday but feel “Half Human” today!!!
I was told, no Housework or heavy stretching/lifting for 2 weeks … Yippee hate housework anyway so Hubby is doing it until my friends arrive tomorrow!!!

Get my results on 23rd. Must say I have been impressed with the care and speed that I have been treated at Taunton. We only moved here in Feb from Aberdeen and I was lucky to be called for a mammogram which showed the :nasty Bu**er" up.

Don’t do too much Trish, your body will tell you when to slow down.

Good luck and keep smiling … I am !! x

hiya map3uk ? yeah overdone it yesterday , under arm red sore and inflamed today , fortunatly both my daughters work in pharmacy so after discussion with pharmacist i am now on antibiotics , the cut on my breast has healed lovely , mine was diagnosed in birmingham , they have been amazing to date , my nipple had inverted but turned out thats hormonal ( im 48 and peri menopause ) and the tumour was actually growing about 3" above , they say its tiny so i m praying not spread , guess i `ll know soon enough , well onward and upwards as they say , good luck with your results , let me know xxxtrish xx

Hi Trish
Hope you are taking it easy! I should have had my results yesterday but they cancelled the appt until mon 20th, as you can imagine I was a bit p****d off but feeling a bit calmer now.Let me know how you get on

the waiting is such a nightmare particulary when we get ourselves hyped up for the day , in one thought i want the results here and now so i can start to mentally prepare , in another thought i dont even wanna go back to the clinic , you only have another few days , fingers crossed for you , trishxxxx

didnt take the antibiotics i had here at home, went to docs instead , no infection , just slow down and take it easier !!so sore under arm but painkillers taking the edge , done nothing today apart from the ironing , feel so sad sometimes, im not financially well off and everything just seems to cost money , beginning to think im in a relationship with jeremy kyle i see so much of him !!

I had a mx, expander fitted & snb on 19th May. I am also very sore under the arm but keep doing the physio, I find it helps. Also very sore in breast with expander but trying to bear with it. Can manage ironing and some light housework but not attempted hoovering yet. Just take things easy and be careful you dont do too much I did and suffered for it the next day as I could do nothing , I was so tired.

hiya , went for post op today , have build up of fluid - serona and bcn was insistent i stop stretching , hoovering etc as not doing myself any favours , so i got told tho dont know how long i can last lol without a duster in my hand !!

Hope you manage to last without the duster. I am having a really bad day today. Stretched too far doing my exercises yesterday I think. Also hurt myself trying to be smart and wearing a very comfortable underwired bra. Now in pain for my smartass ideas. Wont make that mistake again!

we women need to slow down big time , i like you blanche have completely overdone it and now on orders of everyone to just relax and stop worrying , every movement on my right side hurts , the breast has healed lovely but under arm still really sore and stretched , bought another bra yesterday but its rubbed on the sore area , i think i may go get another one today and try it on, that would be good idea !pain killers still keeping the edge of it off and i guess i really should listened to my body telling me to slow down ,well lessons learned as they say , off to do nothing now lol , other half taking me out for lunch so i dont even have to stress bout washing up lol , i hope you all have a wonderful day xxxxxxxxxxx


gosh you ladies my feel like a fraud. I had WLE and SNB on 21st. Two days later whole breast was purple next day bruising had spread across my back and over about a third of other breast.

Doing excercises and apart from tightness they are fine and over the phone the physio has said that i can jump a week ahead with them.

Feel well and stopped painkillers straight after op (not because i am brave I assure you)but am mentally a bit less on the ball.

But there is no way I am doing anything around the house. My breast nurse said bed rest totally for one week and get up but dont get out of your pajamas for the next week unless you are going out then you will heal better and be able to get back to drumming quicker and I am following her advice to the letter. It is so boring. Fortunately I do not have a young family to look after or a job to worry about. And my husband does all the shopping and cooking anyway.

perhaps its because i told her that I heal slowly and nearly always get infected and they want me to take it carefully. Perhaps its my age. I dont know, but its only two weeks and it will do me good to do what i am told for once.