How tired do you feel?

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed in september 2007 and have had lumpectomy 6 x FEC 4 weeks of radio and now have 3 herceptin under my belt. I went back to work after the second herceptin but can only manage two mornings per week. I thought I would quickly build up to full days but this is not possible.
I have to sleep in the afternoons for about two hours. After sleep I do feel quite good.
I was feeling quite good before I went back to work otherwise i wouldn’t have considered it.
I have lots of weekends away planned for august but I feel i will have to cancel them and take it easy for a bit longer.
Anyway, my husband is worried about me being so tired. I think he thinks everyone else in my situation is back at work and up to full strength.
I would love to hear from anyone else who is still feeling tired so that I can reassure my husband I am ‘normal’.
Lorna X

I was diagnosed in April 07 and finished chemo and rads at the end of November. I started back at work in January having had 3 Herceptin I think. I started with 2 half days and gradually increased my hours but was still feeling tired. I finally decided that working full time just wasn’t possible for me any more and now work 3 full days a week. But I still get really tired. I think that the Herceptin makes me tired and I am also on Arimidex which makes my joints ache. I try to do plenty of exercise and sometimes that gives me energy and sometimes makes me more tired. I find it frustrating that I still feel so tired after all this time, but I am sure you will find that lots of people are in a similar situation. Some will be back at work full time and ok and others will take longer than you to get back to work. We are all different and I think we have to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

All the best

Hi there

Just butting in on this thread to mention the ‘Cancerbackup’ information about fatigue. There is a specific section related to coping with fatigue, which you may find useful, this can be found by using the following link:

Best wishes

Thanks for that Anne,
that’s made me feel a lot more relaxed. I know what you mean about herceptin, i’m sure it make me feel tired as well. I have checked my diary and the few days after the treatment i feel what I describe as ‘lazy’ it’s a strange kind of tiredness. when i was allowed to just ‘laze’ about i recovered after about a week and felt strong. since i have been back at work i have not had time to laze around and it’s made me feel quite exhausted.

It is also interesting what you say about working 3 full days. that is my goal. I feel I could build up to three full days but can’t imagine working any more.

thanks lucy, i’ll check it out.

lorna x

Hi Lorna

I had mast/TRAM recon in Aug06 followed by 8 FEC and 17 Herceptin. I finished Herceptin at the end of March.

Whilst on Herceptin I permanently felt like I was starting with a really bad cold, but all that happened was the runny nose. I was always tired. I still only do 3 to 4 days a week at work. My heart function at the end of treatment was borderline for stopping it, but because I only had 1 to go when the results came back it went ahead. A later scan showed that my heart function was back to 59%.

I was brave on Tuesday and did my weekly shop on my own, I was kn*****d by the time I’d put half the shopping away. I’m not doing that again in a hurry. Walking is fine (did the Race for Life in 55mins) but the shopping etc exhausts me.

Play it by ear and don’t overdo it. It’s finding out how much you can do without ending up in an exhausted heap.

Take care
Marilyn x

hi… i am tired tooo!

i had mastectomy in December and by choice went back to work (mornings) in march - i go in to the office 2x a week and work from home for the rest of the week. I finished chemo about 3 weeks ago and for the last 4 weeks i was sleeping every afternoon and all night… now i try to stay awake in the day but i am in bed by about 9.30 usually.

I am on day 4 of rads now and start tamoxifen next week …so i expect to sink into slumber again!!

We are all different and there is no hard and fast rule - i was told just to do what i can and not expect too much of myself.

TC Jennifer

hi all

had op last Nov

done (?) chemo

about to do rads

am still very tired but have moments of normality ! having a mid-day nap helps enormously - perhaps you could plan them for weekends?

love FB xxx

Hi Marilyn,
I thought herceptin was making me tired. Some people I speak to seem to give the impression that it doesn’t affect them at all like that but it’s quite reassuring that it made you tired too. it’s great that your heart has gone back to normal. I am having my heart scan on monday so hopefully it will be OK (I’lve had 3 herceptin so far and will have another on thursday.)

Jennifer - you seem to be doing quite a lot. I hope your rads goes OK. I didn’t need an afternoon nap with chemo (just generally didn’t do very much) but with rads I just had to lie down and go to sleep - it makes you tired in a different way.

Hi FizBix, Hope your rads goes OK too. I couldn’t believe it but my skin was really good after rads. It did make me tired though. I think you are right. I need to plan naps into my days instread ot trying to get through without one and then feeling I’ve failed if I have to lie down.

Thanks all!
lorna x