How to access preferred letrozole brand

I have discovered (as many have) that a certain brand of letrozole gives me fewer side effects. However because it is a generic brand (Bristol laboratories) multiple pharmacies tell me they can’t specifically order it. This is a nightmare for me because I suffered dreadful muscle and joint pain on the accord brand which seems to be the one they all have. Has anyone managed to get around this? I see plenty of people saying they prefer a certain brand but not how they get hold of it.

Hi I’m fairly new to letrozole, my 1st 2 boxes were Sun Pharma & side effects minimal. Then I got a box of Accord, had very bad joint pain, especially in back that had an existing issue.
After 10 days of pain I asked my gp to do a new prescription & write DO NO DISPENSE ACCORD on my repeat prescription request. It worked & the following box was Sun Pharma again.
Bit concerned that my next box is Amarox. Hopefully they’ll be ok!
Good luck x

Hello ladies,

I was wondering how you were getting on with the different brands ?

I’ve just started Letrozole ( 2days !) and am taking Sun as was given to me at the hospital. Like everyone I’m concerned about side effects and so far have read that brands can make a difference.

Accord on other threads was coming out as one that isn’t “too bad” but sorry to hear Looby1 that
was just the opposite for you.

It puzzles me what the difference can be as on the face of it they all have the same active ingredient.

How soon did you notice any difference ? I’m not sure how long to stick with one before asking for another brand.

Thanks and hope things are going well x

Hi there

I have had a lot of side effects on accord but was dramatically better on Bristol laboratories. I think different brands suit different people - perhaps to do with the other ingredients in the pills apart from the active one which can vary.
My point is it’s not possible for pharmacies to order the one that suits you - it’s pot luck every time. I’ve written to the regulator and had no reply and suggested it to BCN as a campaigning issue but no reply.

Anyway I do hope you have one that suits you! Your pharmacy will no doubt give you a different brand every time so you will eventually work out if the brand makes a difference to you. Lots of people don’t find it too bad at all.