How to calm stomach down bad periods

Hi all had 1st chemo EC90 this week and feeling so so …can’t get my stomach to calm down …aches like heavy periods …not been sick …any suggestions of what to eat or not !!please …thanks xx

My chemo isn’t due to star until Jan but have been doing research…biscuits seem to help, ginger biscuits, ginger ale. I am going to copy a list that someone who was in the middle of FEC chemo, these are the things she found helped.


Water: try soda water , I quite enjoyed it;  I know you can have tap water at home but for the first week if had any appointments I wanted to make sure I had a enough on me.

**Ginger Ale (**Has been the amazing for me) As soon as I start to feel nauseous, I have a little sip of it and it takes it away, obviously anti sickness meds help too!

Pineapple lollies for me so far have been really tasty, as fingers crossed I haven’t had mouth ulcers yet, I have a supply of them and pineapple juice.

This is a new one today; Green and Blacks dark chocolate ice cream. (I have had a few things today that have tasted a bit metallic but this tasted amazing!)  

Ritz, TUC or Cheddars on the first night, as you don’t have a huge appetite on the first night; so a dry biscuit is always good and the cheese flavour. 

I had a huge craving for Marmite and cheese spread on toast.

Slightly spicier food or shepherd’s pie… something with stronger flavours, adding herbs and spices to your food is very good for you.

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with avocado on the side (with or without toast)

Homemade Chicken soup with any vegetables you like; I boiled the bones with some onion and garlic and Thyme for a few hours then added chicken oxo to give some more flavour and added all the veg I wanted with it, potatoes, carrots, peas, leeks & swede and I froze it.

Tins of macaroni cheese and tuna  

Strong tasting mature cheddar cheese make sure it’s pasteurised, though!

Rice pudding.

I have had the odd craving for a packet of crisps.


Fish in parsley sauce 

Lemon mousse


Also try looking here:


Amanda x

Thanks amanda what a fab list x hope your ok …I have found that smaller meals are better than big meals x will work my list through your fab list …thanks again Debra x