How to cope with scanxiety?

It’s that time again! 

My mum is due her scans on the 18th October. I feel like I live my life 2 months at a time. My mum either copes amazingly well or doesnt let on in order not to worry us. I have just given birth to twin girls (my mums first grandchildren) and I cannot comprehend life without her or my mum not seeing her grandchildren grow up. It literally breaks my heart.

My mum has had stable scans since she was diagnosed with bone mets exactly a year ago.

Other people’s positive stories always help and ease my anxiety and give me hope for the future. I know there are people out there living full lives with SBC and have it under control for long periods of time.

Any advice for coping mechanisms would be gratefully received, because at the minute my mind is in overdrive!! Xxx

Aw bless you scan time is always a stressful time. I am 3 and a half years in and been stable on palbociclib and letrozole get scans every 3 to 4 months. You will be worried about your mum my daughter worries about me. So happy that you have had your twins safely that a real positive for you all. My daughter and granddaughter are a real joy for me. Not sure how to avoid the scanxiety it’s very real and understandable and something we unfortunately have to deal with. Maybe a you tube meditation if you have any spare time my daughter uses them and recommended I do them at night with headphones helps me and her. Sending you love hugs and positive vibes . Liz xx