How to do it?

Into my husband sister diagnosed breast cancer of her left breast. We communicate with her very little. I can’t muster the courage and call her. Help please advice. What should I tell her in this case?

Hi Selinya   If you are nervous about calling her perhaps you could write to her, just a short note to say you have heard about her diagnosis and are offering support. I don’t know if you are near her but if you are you could offer some practical help.  Otherwise you could just say you are concerned and thinking about her.  It is a tricky one when you don’t communicate much but she would probably be really pleased to hear from you and if not at least you know you tried.  When I was diagnosed the specialist told me that breast cancer is very common and very treatable and that was what I found most reassuring.   

All the best


I agree with the other post a simple “thinking of you” card or text message would be a good place to start.