How to keep still

I having stereotactic radiotherapy to my spine and pelvis and obviously have to lie very still with arms over head for 30-45 mins.
Problem is I previously had surgery and radiotherapy to armpit and I am finding it so painful to lie still for so long. I also have lymphoedema in my arm so after 5 mins my hand goes numb and I get pins and needles.
I was wondering would something like Valium help relax the muscles so I could lie still without moving? Has anyone any suggestions.


Hi RainyDay7
Can i ask when they did the measurements? Did you have to put your arms up.
I just had my scans today for more radiation on my T2,T3, and right hip and lower sacral area. As i suffer from pain in my back, i had my arms down at the side and then they will go on my chest.
The pins and needles arent nice i had this when i had the breast tumour radiated, the nurses were great as they knew i was in pain, so it was done as quick as possible.
Do the nurses know you are in pain, i just hope they coud make it more comfortable for you.
I take valium for scans now as i hit that brick wall of scan anxiety.
I take it 30 minutes before only 5mg.
Make sure you have someone with you though. It does help and relaxes you.
If your medical team think its a good idea, i would definitely take it.
Wishing you all the best lovely. Let us know how you go.

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Absolutely tell your team
They will have seen and heard this before

Good luck

Have you discussed your concerns with the Radiologist. I had a rotator cuff injury that impacted me when I had radiotherapy and discussed with the team and they made sure to make me as comfortable as possible including taking painkillers ahead of the radiotherapy itself.