How to lessen hot flushes and get rid of tiredness - it's simple

You know when you’re tired and your temperature control goes - you start getting hot and sweaty? There is a definite connection between tiredness and hot flushes.

This will lessen your hot flushes AND improve your energy levels - it’s a dietary supplment called Acetyl LCarnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid which you can buy on Amazon.

It boosts the energy producing part of every cell in your body and it is amazing. There have already been clinical trials of this with cancer sufferers and it improved energy levels in 90% after one week.

With more energy, your body can control its temperature better, lessening the intensity of the flushes. It’s made the difference between walking up at night and getting a good night’s sleep.

NB I have no financial interest in this product and just want to share this so it can help others.




Thank you. I may have to try this :slight_smile:


Do you know if this is safe to take alongside tamoxifen?



Hi again Takeadeepbreath

Messaged you about this on a different thread. Am liking that you’ve found it so helpful with your energy levels and hotflushes. Have since had a look at the Amazon store and read of the benefits. My concerns about it, is that it can suppress appetite and aid weightloss due to its energy improvement qualities.

I’m currently underweight (unlike most of the rest of the world trying to lose it!!), plus my appetite’s crap too.

What mg dose are you taking?? A high one or not??

Many thanks

Hugs to everyone here

Delly xxx 

Hi, try to stop eating gluten… I had terrible pains in my joints to the point I couldn’t open a jar. Someone gave me this advice and my hands are back to normal and I don’t take tablets anymore. When the pain goes away so does depression to a certain extend :slight_smile: I am 50 too. Good luck.

Takeadeepbreath - Hello my dear friend. Are you still feeling/receiving the benefits of your mentioned Acetyl-L-Carnitine + Alpha LipoicAcid nutrients?? Need an honest answer and hoping it’s still proving good for you??

Loadsa love

Dellywelly - have posted on the other thread too. Will you please let me know xxxxxxx