How to Read Blood Tests


My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage 4 with secondaries) earlier this year.  A blood test done about 4 months ago had a count of 458, another test done last week showed her count had dropped to around 150.  A normal person has a count in the range 0-30.  So it’s good news.


Just wondered what this blood count figure is what it’s measuring, showing,etc.?



I wonder if this is her ca 15.3 score that measures tumour markers.this shows how active the cancer is I think.last year  mine were nearly 3,000 but after chemotherapy and letrozole they have gone down to 39.if they rise again I assume more tests would be done and appropriate treatment started.

if you have access to a breast care nurse you could always ask them to explain the results for you.

best wishes Didi 


What great news you’ve shared. I think you are talking about Tumour Markers - but I don’t know any more than that really. The cancer cells show up in the blood, so the more there are the more there is. The treatment for your mum sounds as though it is working . X

Glad to hear your Mum is doing well.   I have very recently been diagnosed with sec. bc mets.  apparently I have no T. markers showing I’m thinking this is good but apparently I understand that is how they monitor how well the treatment is working so now they said I have to let them know how well I feel and they will do another CT in January.   I feel that its a bit like spitting in the wind or going down a dark unlit broad.  Anyone else in same situation.