How to starve cancer

Hi everyone. I was at an oncology appointment and a lady sat opposite me started to tell me about supplements that she swore were effective alongside conventional treatments. She told me to read “How to Starve Cancer…without starving yourself” which was written by Jane Mclelland who was diagnosed with stage 4 long cancer and given 12 weeks to live. 17 years later she was cancer free. I’ve started reading the book and I cant put it down! It’s so informative. I would recommend everyone to read this. It will make you think about your role in your treatment and how supplements alongside conventional treatments can starve the cancer. I plan on discussing what I’ve learnt to my oncologist next month. Apparently it’s important they are on your side, as a lot of doctors dismiss alternative therapies despite research proving otherwise. 

Hi Paris,


I have the book and also went to hear Jane speak last year (I have posted about it in another thread). I’ve been adding and taking supplements since my diagnosis over 4 years ago now, and do believe they have really helped me, along with the other lifestyle changes I’ve made (which Jane also did) such as getting more sleep, regular exercise and of course diet, which I personally think is paramount, and as you will have read Jane agrees with this. The research she uncovered is incredible and it does make you wonder why there aren’t more trials into these drugs, especially when you consider the side effects compared to chemotherapy!

You probably know there is a Facebook group, which I have found very helpful and informative, especially when working out my Metro Map, and also a website.

I asked my Oncologist about Metformin at my last appointment, she didn’t want to prescribe it at that time because my scan was stable, but agreed to discuss again in the future. I had just added Berberine to my supplements prior to the appointment so I was happy with that. My Oncologist has never objected to me taking supplements but she knows I do research them first and if I have any doubts ask a pharmacist before taking. Please let me know how you get on and what you decide to do after reading the book.


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Thanks for highlighting this book.  I’ve read Radical Remission by Kelly Turner and am now reading How Long Have I Got by Fi Munro, which both have suggestions about lifestyle and dietary changes which can strengthen your own body’s healing systems.  They sound similar to the book you recommend, which I will read, as I find it encouraging, empowering even, to read such books; they give me a sense of control, knowing that I am doing all that is possible to give my body the best chance of keeping the cancer at bay (alongside conventional treatments).  


I saw a herbalist (in Edinburgh, would highly recommend) when my I received my cancer diagnoses and started taking some cancer fighting supplements; the results I got after a few months of chemo were apparently ‘unusual’ in that all residual deposits had disappeared (yay!).  I don’t of course know if that was solely down to the chemo or the supplements, or a combination, but I’m certainly not coming off the supplements now!

I have read a lot of people talking about surviving 10 15 20 years and they believe it is down to there diet

but each person points to a book to buy and read ?

not one person has said I changed my diet to this and told us what the diet is and underlined what they had been eating or given any receipts  as I thought this would have been normal thing to do

instead we are directed to books to buy ?

I have been trying to get answers online regarding pearl barley as reading conflicting information

and also regarding Almond nuts, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, walnuts, brazil nuts as told these are antioxidant and help fight cancer then being told that they are high in oestrogen. I am so confused with it all. I had a company offering to do a medical trial with targeted therapy then wanted nearly £3000

it would be nice for a long time survivor to mention how they changed there diet and what they ate and what foods to avoid and what they drank as I have secondary cancer in the liver. I have a 5cm cancer in the liver. I was diagnosed on the 5th May and told 2 to 4 years to live. 

my cancer is ER positive/HER2 negative breast cancer and told it feeds of oestrogen. I have been put on Palbociclib and Goserlin and letrozole.  I have read up on oestrogen and left very confused as it is in most things, even in water but there seems to be some foods that are good for you and may help fight the cancer and some foods that are bad for you that help feed the cancer. I need help to understand this and directed to the foods and diets that long term survivors changed to.

any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.  I have young children who need there mum and I try anything to prolong my life to protect them to they are of age to fend for themselves.