How to tell my children.

3 yrs ago I had lumpectomy and radiotherapy for DCSI cancer. I am on Tamoxifen. this weekend I found a very small lump in other breast. I have been to doctor and now awaiting for mammorgam and ultrasound. With my first time I didn’t tell anyone except my husband until I knew what I had and what the plan was. 

3 yrs down the line, my boys, aged 22 and 18 now work in the same company as my husband. One in the same department. My husband has told his manager and wants to be with me on my appointment. This means we really might have to tell the boys before we even know anything. I am finding this hard. As I don’t want to worry them, unless there is something to worry about. I have even said to my husband to not come with me so they wont know.

I just dont know what to do :( 

Hi nickif

I am sorry that you havent had a reply yet.  While you are waiting you may find it helpful to speak with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Nickif 


Im sorry you have this worry again, I’m three years on too and know how I would be feeling but hopefully all will be well. I know how hard it is to keep it from our children especially when living and in your case working with them but I would say if there is a way your husband can get out of work with out telling them the real reason then that is what I would do.

You need him with you and if there is no way that can happen without your boys knowing then don’t beat yourself up about it, we protect them as much as we can but we can only do our best! 

Wishing you a good outcome Xx Jo