How to use Cannibis Oil - Ice Cube

I have cannibis oil ready for my mam to use following secondry breast cancer diagnosis. This is something we will 100% be trying. I have been told a good way to do this is to use a very small amount on an icecube to insert kind of like a suppositry to reduce the effects of the feeling high. Has a anyone used this method and can provide further details?

Many thanks in advance 

As far as I know, if you are using legal CBD oil there is no ‘high’. That’s why it’s now offered for sale in various outlets. If you are not talking about legal products then you need to be very careful about advertising the fact. After all, you are breaking the law and no one on this forum can offer a public opinion because of this. You are open to prosecution. 

Hi AB3434

I used CBD oil throughout my treatment, and I still use it a year on post treatment, I got the all clear in Jan 19. 
Ice cube isn’t going to work, you can make suppositories with beeswax and insert the CBD oil into the beeswax. 
What type of cancer does your mum have? Rectal insertion of CBD is used for colon, pancreatic, liver and prostate cancers. 

I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis. It’s understandable that you’re exploring every possible avenue for her comfort. While I haven’t personally tried the ice cube method, I’ve heard of similar techniques to mitigate the psychoactive effects.

Once, a friend shared how she used a discreet vape pen from to manage her symptoms without feeling too high. It might be worth considering as another option.