How very odd

How very odd

How very odd I just posted a reply to a thread

but can’t see the thread listed in the forums. I think there are gremlins in the BCC software. Maybe a moderator could enlighten me please.

Best wishes

odd indeed and odder still that we can’t check out the url because it is disappearing off the page.

Also odd that Rita’s post doesn’t have the usual Reply/Profile/Report bit attached.

Curiouser and curiouser…

It’s there But owing to the long address in her posting, the line lengths are extra long. If you highlight a line, you will find that the right hand margin appears.

Definitely a glitch in the system, and one I’ve pointed out to BCC before now. They really ought to build in a link so that web addresses can be accessed.

long addresses? Try using… it lets you paste in a really long address, and it changes it to a nice neat short one. You’ve got to trust that the person posting the snipped version is sending you where they say they are tho’. (Not a problem in this case!)


Thank you! Will try it myself next time I have a long url.

BCC HOST Even more curious - i replied to this post earlier, and my post is not here now.