How was/is EC for you?

Hi everyone!

I know chemo is very different for everyone but I thought I’d try and get a bit of a picture. I’ve just had 4 rounds of Docetaxel which was fairly rough (alongside my existing conditions especially - ME, fibromyalgia, arthritis & a few others…). I had terrible nausea throughout, despite meds, and I know docetaxel is low risk for that.

I’m just about to start 3 rounds of EC and feel very worried, scared almost, of the side effects. My consultant has told me she’s a little worried because it’s high risk for nausea in particular. I’ve also seen people in here which had quite nasty effects.

So, I’m hoping to get a bit of a picture to prepare myself for the worst!!! All experiences welcome!!! Lol!!!

Thanks in advance!

Doris x

Hi Doris

It’s interesting the different things we hear from different oncologists. I was told docetaxel was ruthless!

I started with 3 ECs. Chemo was new to me so I reacted ‘badly’ and was like a barely walking zombie. But I experienced no sickness (my lifelong phobia) and little nausea. I did take cyclizine as prescribed for the first cycle and then just when I felt I needed it but the oncology pharmacist told me I could alternate metoclopramide which they gave me with the cyclizine I already had, so long as I left at least 2 hours between and didn’t exceed the daily maximum dose of either. There is also the steroid dose you have plus steroid tablets to take for 4 days, which can stall SEs like nausea too.

I was/am obsessed about sickness, to the extent that I was considering refusing treatment. They arranged visits to the oncology IV wards so I could meet staff and see how it was (I have never seen anyone be sick), they gave me a private space off the ward to help with panic but, most helpful, the oncologist prescribed 2mg lorazepam - a game changer. It was just for treatment days as it’s highly addictive but it made me feel I could manage anything. I still take it for MRIs and CT scans. Why should we have to endure fear and rampant anxiety on top of everything else?? Ask if your anxiety is high.

Unfortunately, with all new treatments, it has to be a waiting game as no one can predict how our body will react but, for me, sickness wasn’t an issue with EC. Red pee, brain fog, fatigue and mouth problems like taste and ulcers as far as I can recall. Everything tasted of salt! Wishing you all the best,

Jan x

I had 3 EC fortnightly. It was my first experience of chemotherapy so I was very anxious.

I was lucky in that I didn’t have too many side affects. I felt it cold going in & I could feel it going up my arm which wasn’t very pleasant so I used a microwaveable heat pad which made that better.

I was extremely tired with EC. I spent 4 days after chemotherapy in my bed & sleeping lots. By day 5 I could return to work.

I was really affected by constipation so started taking syrup of fig & eating raspberries to counteract it.

It’s tough but not as bad as you imagine & you can absolutely get through this.

Sending love