How will I ever be able to return to paid work?

Please ladies can someone advise me…
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2005- followed by a year of treatment- followed by a car accident-which meant more time off work. Tried to return to ex employer but no success!-This resulted in feelings of rejection which brought on depression.

Now 3 and half years on… I am finally at the situation where I am looking for a new job. Am now on Arimidex- memory dodgy, mentally “phase out” sometimes, still feel tired some days but overall not too bad.
But… how and when do I tell the employer that
A) I have had cancer and
B) The resulting disabilities.

The reason that I am asking is because I have recently tried a voluntary job and that also went “pear shaped” because the subject of physical, emotional and mental fitness just didn’t crop up in the conversations and so I was not able to do the job because my arm doesn’t reach far enough up or down to do the filing- and I have standing limitations due to my back injury.
How on earth do I broach the subject of health issues when trying for a job?

I do so wish that there was a mentoring service for people like me. I so want to rejoin the human race again.

I had a different experience in that I had my ‘employment terminated’ after I finished treatment, so had the distress of sorting that out, on top of the tiredness etc I felt at the time.

By the time I was ready to look for another job I was in quandry - if I mentioned the bc before it got to interview stage I didn’t get an interview. But I didn’t feel I could go for an interview without telling them - it’s not like you’ve just had a dose of flu!

I think you need to tell them at the earliest opportunity, whether in application form or interview, whichever comes first, but they cannot reject you just because of it.

Have a look here:

They were really helpful to me.

It may also be worth speaking to ACAS for advice.

Good luck

Love Caz xxx

I would add, with some irony, that I did get a job with a local GP surgery and they were the ones that took my diagnosis with a dose of salts and I have to say have been great.

I started full time, but found I just didn’t have the stamina for those hours and thought I’d have to leave but they bent over backwards to change my hours and I now work 30 hours a week and it’s much better.

I was also diagnosed in 2005 and started with them in Feb 2007.

Love Caz xxx

Thank you Caz for your comments. They have given me some hope.
I went to see the RBLI this week(the organisation who are working with the disabled in order to get them back to work). I have been given an advisor who is positive that she will help me get another job, and especially one who will be able to tolerate my physical limitations. So maybe there is hope for me yet. Watch this space.