how will you cope on mothers day....

i just feel i will be so emotional on sunday hope i can keep it together as i read my cards, christmas was emotional but i managed to cover it…my kids are older and i will be thinking of you ladies with little ones hope you all manage to wake up in a good place emotionally and that we all have a lovely day with our little darlings however old they are x

what a lovely post fairyqueen! u will start my leaky eyes again 2day!hope u have a lovely day,doesnt matter how old ur kids r,they will always be ur babies.mine 5 and thirteen.mummys day sunday,op on monday!yikes!enjoy ur day,with love alex xx

good luck monday alex…you have a lovely day sunday x

Mine know I think it’s a load of marketing claptrap nowadays, and they don’t bother with the fluffy stuff. They were also very good at avoiding my birthday a couple of weeks ago (though youngest did bring me a surprisingly edible breakfast in bed and she’s DREADFUL in the kitchen, which was nice), and Christmas for me the best bit is the scrummy dinner and the good company. I have to be the biggest Bah Humbug I know! Fortunately my kids know the best way round it is to just leave me to it.

cm,ur a legend! (my teens sayin not mine} so made laugh!! alex x

not that i will get any special treatment!too much testosterone in this home!bless em!

Mothers Day, now that’s going to be a hard one, but I can’t work out why. I think, maybe, cos Im not sure how many more I will have. I hope for at least 20+, but know this is not the reality. I then really worry about Mothers Days for my kids when I am not here, how on earth do children even begin to cope? Still, Im HERE for this one, so the card nd chocolates best be good!

Happy Mothers Day all you very special Mums!!

Sadie Xx

I for one enjoyed Christmas and I will enjoy mothers day, cos no matter what happens in the future no one can take away my memories of Christmas, and what memories I will have on Sunday. For me the thing that keeps me sane is trying to keep in the here and now, not thinking to far ahead, just one day at a time cos if I go to far ahead I just panic and worry , will my bloods be ok, will I get tummy injections, sometimes on really bad days I just go from hour to hour. We all have our own ways of dealing with things this just happens to be mine.
I do wish everyone a lovely Sunday if it’s possible.
Love Ruth xx

i will see it with a big smile on my face got my first card yesterday (daughter lives in germany )well there is no where to wright a thing she has coverd everywhere here is one thing she has put
mom you are a shinging star though the world doesnt know yer name
you have no fancey title like baroness or dame
mom you really are a star my mother mentor and friend
a nobel prize for motherhood is what i recommend
and if i win the lottery id share my win with you id take you on a shopping trip each day the whole yr through
you may not be famous as your face is know to few
but mom i think you are wonderful and im so proud of you
love my kids even when they drive me up the wall we always cuddle and say sorry afterwards my girls arnt just my daughters they are my best friends

I was supposed to go to a concert my youngest is playing in and have lunch together, but with FEC yesterday, I can’t really risk a 90-mile drive each way tomorrow. My treatment schedule has worked out so that I have had to miss attending more than one concert.

But my adult son will come over for lunch, so I won’t be alone.

Having adult children relieves some of the worries that are inevitable for people with younger children (and a friend’s DIL has been diagnosed while pregnant with first child–prayers and kind thoughts solicited), but still leaves you overly sensitive both to kindness and the feeling of being forgotten.


Honeybee that’s lovely, my daughter is also my best friend. We won’t spend the day together as she has to see her mum in law and she wants to spend time with her daughter. But I will see her at some point during the day. Hubby and I will do something together and son will phone. Although I will enjoy my day for me it’s just a day, my kids show they care everyday, especially my daughter who phones every day during her lunchtime and when she gets home from work, and she only lives 5 doors away. She has been with me every step of the way. I know I am so lucky to have her. I think we need daughter day.
Cheryl I’m glad you won’t be on your own. What ever anyone does on Sunday, have a good one!
Love Ruth xx

hi everyone, honeybee until I read your daughters beautiful words I thought I would be able to keep it together on Sunday, but the tears just streamed down my face,

I now know its going to be a difficult day, my children are 12daughter and I have 8 year old twins boy and girl,
Mothers Day is always going to be a difficult one, and before now I have always looked on it as just another commercial money spinner, I dont quite look at it in that way anymore,

So to all moms out there, I feel very humble at the moment, and grateful for everything I have got

I have to spare a thought for my beautiful children,how brave they have been for me, and the kind words they have said to me, how we have cried and laughed together,or just had a cuddle without having to say a word.
There are some things this disease carnt take away from you…

Love Liz xxxxxxxxxx

Beautifully put liz !!!

ruth my daughter has been with me every step of the way so far but this will has to stop as 6 weeks from now she will be a mommy herself
liz you are right i do stop and think about my lot and wot there going through 3 eldest have already been down this rd with there nan so it must be hard for them to see there mom walking down the same rd only i want to walk back up the rd hand in hand with them all right beside me and the extra little ppl we get on the way i have told them all a card will do and a cuddle would be nice to have them all around me but with the oldest ones having family s of there own it isnt easy

honeybee, you know they dont have to be there to be with you…

Much love coming your way, keep smiling Liz xxxx

Not looking forward to mothers day as am aware it may be my last. I try not to think about it, but every special day seems like a big hurdle, and I can’t bare to think of my little boy growing bigger without me. But every moment is precious and I am so thankful that we have created so many special memories and that I have such a wonderful family who will always be there for him.
Love to all mums

Hi Nicky,

Very difficult, to say the least, you have to deal with this any way you can.

Laugh, cry, more than likely both, I am so sorry…

All the very best to you and your family, try to smile.

Love Liz xxxx

Dear All,
I shall spend my day with my lovely Mum and my kids by the seaside enjoying her birthday too!

I will be thinking of my blood mum (I’m adopted) and hoping she’s ok too.

Have a fantastic day everyone and love to you all.

This is always a hard day for me, my 3rd child, Daisy, died of leukaemia 10 yrs ago and I still miss her each and every day. I have 2 lovely sons, now 18 and 21, they miss her too. my Mum died 4 yrs ago, I had nursed her through bc twice, although she died of heart failure. My Dad died of lung cancer just four weeks later. I love my sons dearly but still miss my daughter and Mum and just hope that my boys don’t lose me. My husband’s Mum died of bc when he was 17 so its all a bit too much sometimes

i am worried about mothers day- i will be waking up alone without my kids on mothers day for the first time since my OH left the family.
The kids are coming home in the morning.
They have struggled so much with me having BC on top of divorce all within 2 years.
I think things may be a little tense/emotional in our house tomorrow - the hype for a perfect mothers day just puts pressure on doesn’t it?. hey ho - ive just got to do it some how -
wishing you all a happy day and thinking especially of those of you for whom mothers day may be difficult for whatever reason.
claire xxx